Throwback Jam of the Week: "Gangsta Lovin'"- Eve feat. Alicia Keys

It's Throwback Thursday, and we've got another jam from back in the day! 

Eve's track, "Gangsta Lovin,'" featuring Alicia Keys was released back in 2002 off of the rapper's Eve-olution album. This song was the first single off of the album, and ended up going #2 on the Billboard charts.

I remember loving this song as a pre-teen with absolutely no type of gangsta love for real! Definitely have a soft spot for this track because it reminds me of a special someone in my life now. Plus, it's a great jam to vibe to even 15 years later! 

Watch the video below!


NEW MUSIC: "Hear Me Out"-R&B Singer Khari King

New music to start the week....take a listen to "
Hear Me Out," the latest from R&B singer Khari King!

Produced by DvDx, the track is upbeat and fun, as the singer croons in an attempt to get the attention of a special girl he notices, hoping that she'll just hear him out! "It's a feel-good, bouncy song about how it feels to talk to a girl with no stuntin' involved," Khari said of the song.

Check out the track below!


Good morning y'all...here's some #MondayMotivation to kick off the week!

If it's one thing I know, after losing and failing so many times, wins come when you LEAST expect it and when you MOST need it. After you've fallen down so many times. After you've been rejected from job after job. After you've failed at creating the success you wanted from your idea. But you keep going, because you know your end is better than your beginning. That's perseverance, and that's how you'll ultimate win.


Throwback Jam of the Week: "The Boy Is Mine" -Brandy & Monica

It's Throwback Thursday, and we're back with another great jam from back in the day! 

When Brandy and Monica did their popular duet, "The Boy Is Mine," it's one of the very first songs that I can remember always listening to and singing as a young 90s kid. Like I knew that trouble! The video also featured a cameo from a young Mekhi Phifer, as, in the visual,  he went out with both of them and played them for fools. They got the last laugh though! 

The song seemed to start some industry-manufactured "beef" between them back in the day. Though they came together for another great song, "It All Belongs to Me," these two clearly aren't really friends, and have had some little moments over the years that show it. Regardless of which, this song is forever classic, and is one of my favorite 90s R&B jams. And like Monica said on The Real some months ago, the only Grammy that either one of them have is together on this joint!

Check out the video below!


RECAP: "Getting Serious"-Being Mary Jane S4, E9


We're getting towards the end of this season of Being Mary Jane, and things are getting crazier each episode! 

Picking up from last week, Lee and Mary Jane are still reeling from the news that Zoe wants to use Lee's sperm to have another kid! Apparently, the two of them were talking about having another baby before Zoe cheated, and Lee admits that their kids always wanted another baby brother or sister. Lee knows that Zoe will have the baby with or without him, and kind of doesn't want to be left out from it. He asks Mary Jane to let him clear his head for a minute, like he's actually considering this craziness!!!! That, of course, gets MJ emotional. Mary Jane wants a baby herself, and is really considering having one with him, so it's completely understandable that she wouldn't want him having a new kid around with his baby mama!


Tyra Banks Announced as the Next Host of 'America's Got Talent'


Looks like Tyra Banks has a new hosting gig! 

Just weeks after Nick Cannon announced he was leaving his job hosting NBC's America’s Got Talent, it's been revealed that Tyra is taking over!


MUSIC VIDEO: "See You Again"-UK Singer/Songwriter John Adams

A great new music video for you all today...this one from UK singer/songwriter John Adams for his powerful song "See You Again!"

Blending pop with gospel elements, John wrote the track as a tribute to a friend's father who passed away. "I wouldn't consider myself a religious person but the only words I can ever find to comfort the people left behind is the hope that there's a heaven," he said. The soft song is definitely one of solace in the midst of grief. Many of us have lost at least one person in our lifetimes, so this is definitely a comforting track in hopes of seeing those people again soon. 

Watch the visual for the moving track below!


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