NEW MUSIC: "Grass Ain't Greener" - Chris Brown

To celebrate his birthday today, Chris Brown unveils his new single "Grass Ain't Greener" off of his upcoming album, Heartbreak On A Full Moon!

Check out the track below! 

RECAP: "Mexican Standoff"- 'The Challenge: Rivals III' Season Premiere

It’s time for another season of MTV’s The Challenge, and I’m too excited! This season, which takes place in Huatulco, Mexico is teaming up new rivals, which means a lot of fights and drama, in addition to these teams trying to work together to win these challenges and make it to the end!

At the beginning of the 90 minute premiere, the cast files into their house, amazed by the great place MTV decked out for them. I realized though that there are way too many people from Are You The One on here this season! This show began for Real World and Road Rules cast members, so I personally would rather see it stick to that, but that’s just me. I guess with a lot of the veteran cast members getting older, on top of getting married and having babies, MTV had to bring on new people. They probably want more drama too.

NEW MUSIC: "24/7" - Kehlani

After being out of the spotlight the last couple of months because of an Instagram post made by PettyNext...err I mean PartyNextDoor and a suicide attempt that followed, Kehlani has
blessed us with her new song "24/7!" The Tsunami Mob Queen delivers a heartfelt and honest track about her own situation, letting listeners know, "It's OK to not be OK, to dive in your pain."

Check out the song below! 


In The Spotlight: Alternative Rock Band White Eskimo

White Eskimo

Another spotlight to end the work week! If you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, writer, etc., and would like a feature on The Spotlight, please visit our Features/Submissions page for more info!

Today, we have UK pop punk/alternative rock band White Eskimo! Comprised of members Will Sweeny (vocals), Alex Lewis (drums), Ryan Smith (guitar) and Marcus Crestwood (bass), the band all went to college together, each studying music. They eventually formed a group, and were glad to just jam together and create music. “It was just a love that we took very seriously,” the band said in a statement. “We just love being together, rehearsing every day. It’s a dream come true that we can play music for a living.” Interesting side note: One Direction’s Harry Styles was actually a part of the band back in the day!

NEW MUSIC: "Under Your Ocean"-Nick Deutsch

Happy Friday everyone! We have some new music for you all today. Check out "Under Your Ocean" from singer Nick Deutsch!

The track, which is the debut single off of Nick's second upcoming EP Heartsaver, really showcases Nick's soulful vocals in a moving way! "Under Your Ocean" is already making waves, earning Nick a UK Commended Entry Nomination for Best Pop Song 2015 as well a semi-finalist position for Best Pop Male Voice at the 2015 International Vocalist Competition.

Check out the track below!


NEW MUSIC: "Flamethrower"-James Robb

New music for you all today! Check out this track "Flamethrower" from British singer/songwriter James Robb!

The song, which is the first single from the artist's upcoming EP. was written by James himself and produced by Malaysian artist Kuizz. "It is a song about being burned in a relationship. The horrible feeling when you know one of you cares more than the other, but you're too attached to do anything about it," James explained. "The song's a release of all the frustrations in that moment. It's definitely something I've experienced before and I know lots of other people have too."

Check out the track below!


In The Spotlight: Rock & Roll Band Evol Walks

Another spotlight, and we have more in the works!

Today, we have electronic rock and roll band Evol Walks! Fronted by Leah Martin-Brown, the band was formed originally in Australia, but was restructured when Leah made the decision to move out to Los Angeles in 2014. “I ended up re-branding my old band, essentially starting from scratch and began searching for other musicians to help build the new project (now called Evol Walks),” she stated. Now the band consists of Leah, CT Twywoniak (lead guitar), Dre DiMura (rhythm guitar), Ian Ross (bass), and Jimmy Lee (drums).

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