RECAP: "Nothing Was The Game"-The Game S8, E4

I'm really loving this season of The Game so far! Picking up from last week, after practice, Jason gets in his car and Malik is randomly there in the backseat! He brings a bag for Jason to open and it's filled with money. Malik tries to bribe Jason to get back on the team, but Jason obviously refuses, right  some of the other coaches get in the car.

Meanwhile, Blue and Keira are shooting a commercial, which Keira seems to hate because she considers herself to be a real actress, even though her part in the movie got cut. For some reason, she thinks a commercial is below her. She over acts with her TWO lines, not impressing the director at all. Meanwhile, Blue acts normally, and does very well. The director gives Keira a Snickers, as if to say you're not you when you're hungry!


RECAP: "Crazy Stupid Love"-The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 Episode 4

On last night's episode of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2, the exes yet again got a little too close for comfort! Picking up from last week, Adam and Brittany are making out at the club and dancing all up on each other, like they're still together! Meanwhile, Jonna and Jay are still trying to make Zach and Jenna jealous, as if they really care. When Zach and Jenna kiss, Jonna and Jay kiss back, as if to get even or something. It's so childish, if you ask me. We also find out that Nany is secretly pining for Johnny Bananas, even though he has a girlfriend! It's way too many emotions going on right now!

The next morning, Adam admits he knows he "opened the floodgates" with Brittany, who he has said before is really clingy. They're cool, but they just can't be that cool. The girls tell Brittany what Adam said, and she gets upset and starts yelling at him. They both need to get their relationship in check before they lose this game!


MOVIE TRAILER: Fantastic Four Reboot

The first trailer for the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four was released today, and it looks like it's going to be a good one!

The film, set to be released August 7, stars Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Kate Mara as The Invisible Woman/Sue Storm, Miles Teller as Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards, and Jamie Bell as The Thing/Ben Grimm.The villain in the reboot will be Victor Domashev/Dr. Doom, portrayed by actor Toby Kebbell.

The trailer was very vague in terms of the actual plot, but I'm sure another trailer will come out soon that explains a little more of what we can expect. I'm going to see this for the action, of course, but more specifically for Michael B. Jordan!!!

Check out the trailer below!


In The Spotlight: Kendra J

Another great spotlight for you all! As always, if you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, producer, etc, please contact us (refer to our Features/Submissions page for more info!).

Today on The Spotlight, we have pop-R&B singer Kendra J! Kendra began singing at the age of five when she sang karaoke for the first time. Around the age of seven, she began singing on the children’s choir at church. “I knew music was something I wanted to pursue in elementary school,” Kendra admitted. “I loved singing for different ceremonies and assemblies. It made me so happy and I knew then because of the feeling of completion and peace that I experienced in those times that singing was what I wanted to do.”


RECAP: "The Pittsy Shuffle: Why Pitts Really Dipped"-The Game S8, E3

Last night's episode of The Game was GOOD. Picking up from the two-episode season 8 premiere, Perez Hilton does an expose on what happened at the wedding between Chardonnay and Jason. Tasha laughs as she watches, but Chardonnay is obviously upset at it all. She's not used to being in the spotlight like this, and feels attacked and slandered. Tasha proposes getting her truth out there and then launching her brand, and leaves Kyra with Tee Tee to get everything together.

Meanwhile, Jason, still staying at Malik's, tries to work with Blue on plays to make him better on the field. Malik is obviously bitter, changing the channel on the TV as the two try to work from the screen. Jason then gets a call from his divorce lawyer that Chardonnay gets to stay in the house as long as she wants, and is basically getting a lot from the divorce. He tries to argue it, but come one Jason. You can't destroy your marriage and think that you're going to walk away scot-free! When Keira comes by to take Blue to a Rick Ross concert. Jason, obviously upset at what's going on in his own life, basically tells Blue that he sucks too bad to be having any fun right now. True, but why so harsh Jason?


RECAP: "Love Sick"-The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II Episode 3

Loving Battle of the Exes II! Picking up from last week, the house goes out to party. CT comes back home to check up on Diem. One of the producers tells CT that Diem was feeling pretty sick, and she's been taken to the hospital. He automatically goes into panic mode, and wants to meet her there, even though he's been drinking. The producers instead let Diem and CT talk on the phone, and she sounds a lot better. Diem comes back to the house, and lays in bed with CT.

The next morning, Diem is sick again, with the house is really worried about her. Production takes her back to the hospital. CT makes her a care package, and everyone signs the box with well wishes. Later, however, TJ announces that Diem's medical issues will keep her from continuing the game, and CT has to go home as well. At this point, CT doesn't even care. He just wants to be with Diem. Diem's words in her last confessional acknowledges the fact that that she is so grateful that CT is always in her corner. She refused to quit, and wanted to live life to the fullest. I found myself tearing up, knowing how it all ends. RIP Diem.


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