Power Rangers Movie Casts Pink Ranger

Most 80's babies should be excited to hear a Power Rangers movie is in the works for a 2017 release. To hear that one of the Rangers has been casted is MAJOR news that the movie is moving forward nicely. Actress Naomi Scott has been casted as the Pink Ranger! Naomi was recently seen in the Ridley Scott-directed movie The Martian starring Matt Damon as an astronaut trying to survive and make his way back to Earth.

WIz Khalifa & Charlie Puth's "See You Again" Hits 1 Billion Views on YouTube

Let's take the time to say congrats to Wiz Khalifa and singer Charlie Puth! I don't care if you're a fan of Wiz or not. His video "See You Again" off of the Fast &Furious 7 soundtrack has reached a BILLION views on YouTube! It also is the first rap video to do that and became the 10th most watched video on YouTube

Big Ups to the Taylor Gang Head Honcho!

NEW MUSIC: "You Owe Me"-Jordan Hush

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Today, we have singer Jordan Hush's latest track, "You Owe Me." On the ballad, Jordan opens his heart to his significant other who doesn't appreciate him or his efforts. He's done a lot, but doesn't get the reciprocation in the relationship he deserves. "I shouldn't have to tell you to come home. I shouldn't have to tell you that I'm lonely," he sings. 'It's cool 'cause you gon' miss me when I'm gone. You gon' wish that you wasn't a phony."

Really liking this track! Check out the ballad below!


RECAP: "Haunted House"-Scream Queens S1, E4

Scream Queens was ABSOLUTELY CRAZY last night! I'm really getting into this show! Picking up from last week, we find that Chanel is obsessed with Halloween, and she uses her own event, "Chanel-o-Ween" to give crazy presents for her fans. We actually see excited Chanel fans recording them receiving their "gifts," including razor apples, dead heads, severed hands, and even a box filled with blood blood. Chanel even delivers one present in person, and she gets a lot of print and social media coverage because of it all.


NEW MUSIC: "Fire"-Hotel (Produced By Oh Genius)

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Check out this alternative rock / R&B track from NY artist Hotel! The track, "Fire," was produced by Oh Genius, and features Hotel's singing and rapping talents. I truly loved the track; the song has really great vibes. Plus, I'm getting into a lot more alternative music, and it's always good to hear creative production blending genres.

Check out the track below!


ALBUM REVIEW: Calling All Lovers-Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton has released her fourth studio album, Calling All Lovers, today October 2! Though her 2013 release, Love &War, was definitely a good record, the singer came back stronger than ever with this one! Tamar delivered stronger vocals and material, showing us a more vulnerable side as she takes us through the stages of love.

Check out my full review below!