NEW MUSIC: Athazagoraphobia EP-Cherri V

R&B/pop singer Cherri V has released her latest studio EP, Athazagoraphobia!

"Athazagoraphobia" is the fear of being forgotten or ignored, which Cherri V can relate to as an artist. Working with producer Davinche, Sony Music's Hannah V and songwriter Jake Isaac among others, the singer has developed a great project that I'm sure you all will enjoy. This EP is full of soul and emotion that is relatable to everyone.

Check out the EP below!

RECAP: "Hashtag My Bad"-The Game S9, E5

Already, we are halfway through the final season of The Game! Picking up from last week, Tasha has a photo shoot for a "Super Mom" feature for PEOPLE! She's literally in a Superwoman costume, holding the baby! She definitely has a lot on her plate, and balancing all that with motherhood is definitely a challenge. Meanwhile, at lunch, Keira talks to a friend about Malik and all the messages he's sent, including the one where he claims he wants her. She doesn't know what to make of it, and has been hiding from everyone, since her and Blue's breakup is public news. Keira's friend says that she should take a chance on Malik, and I agree. Sure, people are going to have a lot to say, but who cares what people think? She calls Malik, and tells him that they need to talk later face to face.


NEW MUSIC: "Candy Coated Waterfalls"-The Voice & The Symbol

Singer The Voice & The Symbol has released her solo debut single "Candy Coated Waterfalls!" The smooth single is from her upcoming EP Force of Nature, which is set to drop this summer.

Check out the track below!


REVIEW: BET Awards 2015

Last night was the 2015 BET Awards, and it was definitely a great show! This year marked the 15th anniversary of the awards as well. During the pre-show, hosted by Terrence J and La La Anthony, we got to see some retro moments from the shows over the years which was cool to see. We also saw stars hit the red carpet and the style suite, as well as performances from MGK, Natalie Rose, Jeremih, and others. I really only watch the pre-show to check out the interviewers' skills, to be honest, but it was a decent prelude to the actual show.

Check out the rest of my review below!

MUSIC VIDEO: "Play No Games"-Big Sean Feat. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign

Inspired by 90s sitcom Martin, Big Sean, Chris BrownTy Dolla $ign show they "Play No Games," in Sean's new video, which features cameos from French Montana, Bruh Man, and Martin Lawrence himself.

Check out the video below!

Full List of Winners at the BET Awards 2015

Last night's BET Awards 2015 was definitely a great show packed with great performances and moments (review coming soon), but less actual announcements of the awards themselves! Close to 2/3 of this list wasn't announced last night at all that I could see. However, we have found out who exactly took home which awards, and have a full list of winners for you below!


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