In The Spotlight: Designer Carla Stovall

Happy Friday y'all! We have another great spotlight today! As always, if you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, producer, etc., and are interested in a feature on the blog, visit our Features/Submissions page for more information!

Today, we have designer Carla Stovall! Raised in Dallas, Texas, Carla began developing a love for fashion as a kid, even drawing out her own designs. She received her degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising at Wade College in her hometown, where she learned how to sew and improved upon her designing and illustration skills. The designer acknowledged she has always paid close attention to styles people wear in Dallas, both the good and the bad. "To this day, when I see certain people, I [think] 'If they just would've done this, that would not look like that on them," Carla said honestly. "Half the time, I notice that people wear things that don't appear like it matches their shape." Those thoughts inspired Carla to begin creating custom pieces for others who are not the ideal "square" or "hourglass" shape.


Lil B Accepts Tryout Offer From Philadelphia 76ers' D-League Team

Lil B – Bay Area rapper, Based God and Bernie Sanders supporter – made plenty of waves during the NBA Playoffs when he cursed LeBron James and J.R. Smith for their hubris, and though he'd subsequently lift the bad juju on LBJ, apparently the rest of the league was paying attention.


EVENT: Just Mike Presents the Love and Poetry Tour (Washington, D.C.)

On Friday, August 21, 2015, Just Mike (the poet) hosted the Washington, D.C. stop of The Love and Poetry Tour featuring Vision, Jamarr Hall, and other poets!

I really wasn't going to even write a post about the event, simply because I just wanted to just soak everything in and truly enjoy myself. I keep telling myself I need to actually enjoy more of life's moments, instead of wanting to capture them all for the blog or social media. However, the more clips I recorded on my phone (I couldn't help it!), the more I wanted to share with you guys!

I'm big on poetry, and big on using writing as self-expression in general. I watch spoken word a lot on YouTube and follow some amazing poets and writers online, Mike included. I've purchased a few of his books a while back, and HAD to see him in person on this tour! I'm glad I did. I was surrounded by amazing people with great vibes, all enjoying great words and music. I'll definitely be supporting the other poets, as well as checking out other open mic and poetry events.

Check out some video below!


In The Spotlight: Singer/Musician Timothy J. Wilson

Happy Friday y’all! We have another great spotlight for you today! As always, if you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, producer, etc., and are interested in a feature on the blog, please visit our 
Features/Submissions page for more information. 

Today we have the multi-talented artist and musician Timothy J. Wilson! This star on the rise grew up in White Plains, NY, about 20 minutes from Manhattan. A pastor’s kid, Timothy started playing instruments as a child at church. “As a pastor’s child, you’re pretty much there all the time, [so] they’re putting you on instruments” the singer joked. In addition to the singing chops he inherited from his father and grandmother, Timothy began playing the drums, and then learned other instruments including the piano, guitar, and bass. His talent was being developed extensively as a kid for his journey as an artist. Even at a young age, Timothy knew that music would be his life’s path!


In The Spotlight: Rock/Pop Group Young-Borra

Love featuring a diverse group of artists, designers, and on The Spotlight! That's the best part of the job! As always, if you or your client would like to be featured on the blog, please visit our Features/Submissions page for more information. 

Today, we have rock/pop group Young-Borra! The group, comprised of Jonas Young-Borra (lead vocalist/lyricist), Garrett DeTemple (vocals/bass/lyricist), and  Michael Curley (production), definitely has a unique sound that resonates with listeners. Jonas first met and began playing music with Garrett during their time at Purchase College in New York.


Zendaya Set to Judge Miss America 2016 Pageant

Zendaya is officially set to judge the 2016 Miss America pageant!

According to PEOPLE, the star will join singer Brett Eldredge, snowboarding bronze medalist Amy Purdy and Taya Kyle, author and wife of the late U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle, on the judging panel for the competition.


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