TRAILER: 'Fuller House'

The official trailer for Fuller House has been released! 

The Full House reboot, which premieres February 26 on Netflix, includes catchphrases from the original show, such as “Hola Tannerinos,” “Have mercy!” “Cut. It. Out” and “How rude!” as well as guest appearances from Danny (Bob Saget), Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) and Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) and Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin).  Filled with the same craziness and love as the original, the cast hasn't lost their chemistry or jokes. "My moves are all that and a bag of chips. Talk to the hand, loser. Oh, snap! You go, girl. I think I just did,” Kimmy says in the tailer after Stephanie tells her she’s stuck in the ’90s. 


RECAP: "True Blood"- 'The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines' Episode 12

The Final for The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines has  Picking up from last week, three teams plan to battle it out for the Final in Berlin: Cara Maria and Jamie, Cory and Mitch, and Jenna and Brianna! They all head out to party and celebrate before heading out for the toughest challenge of the season. That night, TJ texts the teams a clue: "It's that time of the season. Congratulations to you all! My boy Franz is going to swing by before the race." Who in the world is Franz?!

Franz comes into their room the next day, and it turns out he is a tailor! He gets their measurements, which confuses everyone. (At this point, pictures have come out with the teams in suits for part of the challenge, though we still don't know exactly what's going on!). The teams then go downstairs to get in a limo to the final, which is so weird! Cara Maria makes a true statement that the nicer MTV treats them, the harder and crazier this final will be.  As the teams are brought into the woods, TJ appears to start the Final, which is the first final challenge to take place in a major city! He tells them that there are five extremely diverse stages. Each team will be timed, and whoever has the fastest time at the end will win. The winning team gets to split $250,000! Second place gets $75K, and third $25K, which is still pretty decent. Of course, TJ lets them all know they have to finish in order to get paid, throwing a glance over at Jenna, who quit during the Final last season!

TRAILER: 'House of Cards' Season 4

It's going down on this next season of House of Cards!

Netflix has released the first official trailer of the fourth season of the political drama, which shows an odd dynamic: President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and first lady Claire (Robin Wright) against each other! “I saw a future. Our future.” says Claire, who announced she was going to leave Frank in the season 3 finale. “We had a future until you started destroying it,” Frank angrily states.


Johnny Depp to Star in Universal's 'Invisible Man' Reboot

Johnny Depp, one of the hardest working and most notable actors in Hollywood, is set to star in Universal Pictures' Invisible Man reboot!

RECAP: "The Interview"-Zoe Ever After S1, E6

Zoe Ever After is winding down, and I'm hoping that BET gives the show a second season! Picking up from last week, Zoe has a date with a guy named David, who's in sales. The date seems to be going well, until David pulls out a list of questions asking Zoe about any outstanding warrants, STDs etc! After she answers no, David asks if she has a crazy ex, to which Zoe states that Gemini's not super crazy. He just has a little bit of a temper! Of course, David quickly asks for the check!

Meanwhile, Gemini is being interviewed by a journalist named Ashley (Tatyana Ali) for an upcoming documentary. Turns out that they have worked together before, and they have a good connection. After Ashley gets some footage of him, Gemini asks her to also speak with Zoe and Xavier, since they're his family. Ashley is hesitant, knowing that Zoe isn't her biggest fan (implying that Zoe felt like something was going with them in the past), but she agrees to go along with it.

Taylor Swift, The Weeknd Lead the Pack with the 2016 iHeart Radio Music Award Nominations

The nominees for the 2016 iHeartRadio Awards have officially been announced!

Taylor Swift and The Weeknd led the pack with seven nominations each! Other nominees included Adele, Nicki Minaj, and Sam Smith, among others. The third annual ceremony will be televised live  on TBS, TNT and truTV on April 3 at 8 p.m. ET at the Forum in California. It will also be broadcast on iHeartMedia stations across the country, as well as online.

Check out the major list of nominees below!


NEW MUSIC: "We Unite"-Haxon & Rush feat. Matthew Steeper

New music for you all today! Check out this great track from Italian producer duo Haxon & Rush featuring singer/songwriter Matthew Steeper called, "We Unite!"

The progressive house track is upbeat and fun to dance to, but tells a story of lovers finding their way to each other after hard journeys."It wasn't long ago you were bleeding, lost and broken," Matthew sings. "But you would not believe how the universe was bringing you to me."

Check out the song below!

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