"The Greatest Love of All"-The Challenge Battle of The Exes II Season Finale

Last night was an intense finale for Battle of the Exes II! Picking up from last week, three couples remain: Sarah & Jordan, Jay & Jenna, and Leroy & Theresa. For the first checkpoint, "Kayak the Fjord," the helicopters take them a some yards out from their kayaks to swim to short. The great swimmers that they are, Jordan and Sarah take off and get to their kayak first, getting a great lead. Surprisingly, Jay and Jenna do well and However, Leroy and Theresa struggle swimming, particularly Leroy. When they get to their kayak, they also struggle to actually go anywhere down the fjord, and Theresa panics and goes off on him.

RECAP: "One Is The Loneliest Number"-Being Mary Jane S2, E8

If you haven't been watching Being Mary Jane, you are missing out! Picking up from last week, Mary Jane gets a call from Sheldon as she makes dinner. He called to talk about their future. They talk about a lot of random things, but actually seem to be getting along well. All the while Mary Jane is making a list of pros and cons, which is pretty even. For one topic of conversation, Sheldon audaciously asks her if she's barren, which puts a crazy halt on the conversation. However, he compliments her on being brave enough to put her story out there like that. She feels stupid, but that's the last thing that he thinks she is. They literally talk half the night about any and everything. Sheldon is intrigued by her because she's bold enough to challenge him, which no one ever really does. He asks her to dinner, which she agrees to. They finally hang up, both happy.


In The Spotlight: Elite Trends Studio

So excited and grateful that I have been connecting with a lot of creative and talented people so far this year! The best part, to me, of what I do, is being able to feature other upcoming stars on The Spotlight. As always, if you or your client is interested in being featured on the site, please visit our Features/Submissions page for more information!

Right now, I want you all, especially those in the DMV area, to check out Elite Trends Studio! Elite Trends is a family owned business, which opened October 1, 2013 in downtown Silver Spring, MD. The studio, started off as a multi-departmental entertainment company to serve various needs in the industry. “Elite Trends Studios signifies great quality provided by trendsetter—a new way to look at things, a vision for a better tomorrow,” said Kierra Hart, who serves as an account executive for the studio.


RECAP: "Bye Bye, Love"-The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 Episode 11

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 is almost over yall! Picking up from last week and Sarah's HUGE power move, Jordan tries to calm her down, but he honestly wishes that it would've went differently. Sarah, being the nice girl that she is, is so distraught. She did what she had to do though! Turns out that the teams are staying in a hotel for the night in Panama City. When they get settled a bit, Nia goes off on Sarah and Jordan, and even pulls Jordan's pants down and calls him the "f" word (I refuse to tolerate that here even with symbols). It's ridiculous. Johnny goes off on Sarah too, feeling betrayed, as does Nany, but it's all ridiculous. The goal is to WIN MONEY. If she doesn't look out for her and Jordan, who will?!

RECAP: "Let's Go Crazy"-Being Mary Jane S2, E7

Recaps on Being Mary Jane and The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 are a little late, but I still wanted to be sure I got them up. I have a lot to say as always! Picking up from last week's episode of BMJ, Mary Jane wakes up after having sex with David...and decides to clean house. Literally. David hears her vacuuming and heads out to the living room, where Mary Jane reveals she prayed for forgiveness for her selfish decision to sleep with him. She also made a deal with God that if she is actually pregnant, she will figure out how they (her, David, Anna, and the babies!) will all live together in peace. If she's not, their relationship is over. Which is absolutely crazy, but this MJ we're talking about so, of course, she would make a decision like this. David asks her if it's revenge, but to her, it's not. She's been rebounding and making crazy decisions over him, and feels like she needs to move on with or without him. This pisses David off, because now he has to wait on a decision from her about their relationship status based on a pregnancy test.


MUSIC VIDEO: "Guilty"-Sherwinn "Dupes" Brice

I just received a great music video that I just had to share before the night was over! Check out this music video by singer Sherwinn "Dupes" Brice for his latest single "Guilty."

The track, produced by Dupes himself along with Francis "Leebo" De Lima, and accompanied by Zach Popo and Jason Lovence, definitely has an island soul feel that listeners will enjoy! Dupes effortlessly sings this calming love song, opening up about the fact that he is falling in love, and admitting that he will deal with the price that comes with it. The visual itself follows a couple's journey on the beautiful island of St Lucia (!!!) and the events that lead up to a wedding day. However, the seemingly beautiful story doesn't go how you may think!

Check out the video below!


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