Throwback Jam of the Week: "Thnks fr th Mmrs"-Fall Out Boy

It's Throwback Thursday, and we've got another great jam from back in the day!

Today's throwback is a great one from Fall Out Boy! I'm not even the biggest fan of rock music, but I LOVED this song! The video was weird, but I liked the group's energy and performance style. Plus a younger Kim Kardashian was in this, which I didn't even realize back when it first came out! Really, really strange visual with these chimps all throughout, but this was still a great song. 

Watch the video below!


RECAP: "Getting Served"-Being Mary Jane S4, E5


This episode of Being Mary Jane took us back down to the ATL to check in on Niecy and the rest of the Pattersons!

Picking up from last episode, Niecy goes out for a night on the town with her girls, blowing more of her settlement check on a VIP table with plenty of hookah and bottles. They get to talking about Dante, with Niecy foolishly thinking that Dante wants to be a family with her, Isabelle and Treyvion (who isn't even his son), but really he's using her for her money.

In The Spotlight: Podcaster Loren "Lo Skeet" Gross

Happy to bring ya'll another great person to spotlight in 2017!

I recently linked up with a fellow BGSU alum, Loren "Lo Skeet" Gross, to speak about his podcast "Inaudible Raucous", which has currently been going on strong for 43 weeks straight! The podcast involves Lo speaking on a variety of topics including pop culture, health, sports, social justice, financial advice, etc. As a student of the radio art form since he was 13, Lo said he got the idea to do a podcast about three years ago when he started to see a shift in the radio industry. After much procrastination, the podcaster started his up last year in 2016. The idea for the name came after speaking with some friends about oxymorons that catch people's attention. From there, he thought of a "clever way to spin cliche terms like “Sounds from the Underground” or “The Quiet Riot." Lo stated, "I went to a thesaurus and picked those two words: Inaudible and Raucous."

RECAP: "Helter Shelter"-The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions, E3


After this week,
The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions is about to get a lot more interesting! 

Picking up from last week, at the Shelter, the house gets a clue in a bucket: "Tomorrow's the only time in this game that you'll want to be a floater." Definitely meaning something with water! Surprise little twist, though: those have earned their way into the Oasis, though, get to kick back and watch! Looks like they get a break from competing since they've already won a spot in the real house!


Alt-Pop Rock Group The Middle Ground Releases "Paper" Visual, Announces Tour Dates

Nashville's own alt-pop rock group, The Middle Ground, has released a new visual for their track, "Paper!"

The song itself is raw and emotional, as the group gives an acoustic performance of the track and roams the city streets at night.

Watch the music video below!


Top Moments of the 2017 Grammy Awards


The 2017 Grammy Awards had some awesome moments and incredible performances, and was overall great to watch. 

Hosted by James Corden, it was definitely music's biggest night, filled with its share of downfalls, of course, but the good outweighed the bad. Watch some of the top moments below!

List of Winners at the 2017 Grammy Awards

Chris Pizello/AP

Last night's Grammy Awards were great to watch, and it was interesting to see who did (and did not) take home an award!

Adele and Chance the Rapper were definitely the big winners of the night, with Adele taking home the biggest awards, including Album of the Year! David Bowie was also posthumously honored with five Grammys for work on his final studio album, Blackstar. Of course, because of time, the majority of the winners were not announced on air, but congratulations to all who took home the coveted award!

Check out some of the top winners below (the full list is available on The Grammys website)!


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