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Well, there's no telling when Chris Brown is going to get another shot in the spotlight. Mr. Shawn Carter (aka Jay-Z) will probably keep taking away the opportunity.

Chris was scheduled to perform at the BET Awards Sunday night, but according to my most trusted site MediaTakeOut, Jay put a stop to that. When Jay heard that Chris was going to perform, he told BET that if Chris did step foot on that stage, neither Jay or BEYONCÉ would perform. Obviously, still upset about the Rihanna situation, huh Jay? I don't blame him for still being upset, cuz you know that Rihanna and he are really close (closer than they should be according to some reports LOL but we will leave that alone). But threatening BET and taking away Chris' shot to redeem himself is mad shady. That was seriously foul. Especially since Chris was going to tribute to Michael Jackson, and probably would've done 100 times better than some of those fools that took stage Sunday night (obviously I'm still a tad bit heated lol).

And then I'm mad at Beyoncé a little too, cuz she had to have known about it, and she just let Jay do that, KNOWING GOOD AND WELL THAT BET WOULD GO ALONG WITH IT BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO KEEP BEYONCÉ ON THE PROGRAM. If it was just Jay-Z, they probably would've blew him off. Honestly, I would've rather seen Chris than Jay, and with that less than electrifying performance B gave Sunday, she could've gotten kicked off too, in my mind, for Chris. Just my opinion.

It just has me thinking. Is Chris ever going to get the chance to reboot his career? I mean, I know he messed up, but he has acknowledged his mistake and he's paying for it. Maybe not in the way a lot of people may have wanted, but he still got punished. He is too good of a performer to let all of that talent go to waste. Even Michael Jackson realized his potential. Come on people. Jay-Z, that's especially for you.


~Brittany Shawnté


  1. You're writing has a very nice flow. I can't really blame Jay-Z. If someone I love were beaten up, I'd hold a grudge too.

  2. Thanks for the compliment and the comment!



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