Amy Winehouse Cleared of Assault Charges...


LOL well I guess I had to take my little mini bashing of Amy Winehouse post down in her assault case. The girl was innocent. Who knew?! LOL definitely not me...

Amy was acquitted of assaulting a fan who asked for a picture today, according to Us Magazine.

District Judge Timothy Workman found the 25-year-old not guilty of punching dancer Sherene Flash, 27, in the eye after the fan asked for a picture after a London charity ball in September.

Although prosecutors claimed it was a deliberate assault, Winehouse -- who had pleaded not guilty -- said she had felt intimidated by the drunk Flash and stated she was too short to have hit the girl in the face.

A spokesman read a statement from Amy -- who was granted a divorce from her husband of two years, Blake Fielder-Civil, earlier this month --that said she was "very happy to move on with her life and put the episode behind her."

Well, she was claimed innocent, and I have to apologize for claiming the assault was ridiculous and unneccessary, SINCE THERE WAS NO ASSAULT!! LOL! But I do stick to this: Amy Winehouse is a wonderful singer, very talented, and she needs to use her talents before she loses the opportunity. That means showing up to the studio when needed, and performing your heart out for your fans. Not everyone who has talent gets the opportunity to do something with it, and you do Amy. Use it. Hopefully, this is a new start for you. Hey, you divorced Blake, got cleared of these charges. Time for a fresh start!


~Brittany Shawnté

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