Candy vs. Tori

According to Access Hollywood,Candy Spelling released an open letter to her daughter Tori Spelling posted on TMZ, in which she lashed out at Tori for making her children "reality show props."

Explaining that she'd been invited to the first birthday of Stella Doreen, a granddaughter she still hasn't met, Candy wrote that "a big party wasn't how I envisioned meeting my granddaughter for the first time; but, hey, this is Hollywood, and my grandchildren have become reality show props, too.

At the time I emailed 'yes,' I didn't realize I was being set up for a two-[part episode], even though it was clear I was being invited to be part of a segment for my daughter's reality show," she continued. "I decided my first meeting with my granddaughter should be on home video, not primetime cable; so I e-mailed that I would not be attending."

I am a huge fan of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood where Tori and her husband Dean McDermott display their daily lives with their children Liam and Stella, two of the cutest babies I've ever seen! And I know about the whole feud with Candy and Tori. That being said, I feel I can kind of give my opinion on this. Ready? Here it goes...

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!! Candy, stop being a drama queen! You are too old for that! I understand why you wouldn't want to be videotaped meeting Stella for the first time, and have it be broadcast all over the country, but come on! Your behind wasn't even invited to the party at first! Tori was struggling with even having you around at all!! Dean wanted her to cut you off, but soon relented when he saw how torn Tori was over this, and how Tori felt it was right for you to spend time with Liam and Stella. Then your stupid behind does this! Basically saying that Tori is using her children for publicity is so stupid, and all it does is set you back further with Tori and her family. You're making it worse with this "open letter!"

And why did it have to be an open letter for THE ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE?!! Dang, I know you have at least an email address or something! You should've sent your letter to Tori privately, and not stirred up more commotion. Ugh...annoying.

I know I'm ranting on Candy, but that's because I understand exactly where Tori is coming from. Candy hasn't been the mother that she should be, and Tori has been hurt by that. But because Candy is still her mother, Tori is trying to reach out to her, for the sake of her children, and Candy is just being a tad bit stupid. I understand not wanting to be around the kids in front of the video cameras, but your behind really just needs to take what you can get at this point, in my opinion...

I really do hope that Candy and Tori can work their problems out eventually. Liam and Stella should have THEIR ONLY LIVING GRANDPARENT in their lives! I'm seriously thinking it might not happen, but it would be nice to be proven wrong in this case! For the sake of the babies!!!


~Brittany Shawnté

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