Chris Brown's Official Apology Video

Well, above is the official video of Chris Brown apologizing for assaulting Rihanna. It came from TMZ. Of course, some people believe that it was written by his lawyers and PR team, so it just has to be fake. I personally believe it's sincere. And regardless of whether he wrote it or not, he apologized. But, of course, people are giving him slack. He got hit when he did apologize. He would've got hit if he didn't apologize. WHAT IS THE BOY SUPPOSED TO DO?! Obviously, he knows he was in the wrong, and he's apologized, and he's getting his punishment. Can't we all just move on? I mean, Rihanna has. Chris is trying to, but the public is not letting him. Like I've said times before, he messed up MAJORLY, but he can't take what he did back, no matter how much he wants to. All he can do is what we all should do with bad mistakes--learn from them and move on. That's all he can do.

But watch the video for yourself and come up with your own opinion.


~Brittany Shawnté

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