Deal Reached For Custody of the Jackson Kids

Michael Jackson left behind his exciting music, a wonderful legacy, and three beautiful children: Prince Michael I (12), Paris Katherine (11), and Prince Michael II aka Blanket (7).

So when the great King of Pop passed away, everyone wondered what would happen with his kids, the ones who just saw him as "Daddy" instead of the big-time superstar we knew him to be.

The decision has finally been reached. According to Us Magazine, one of my most trusted sources, Michael's mother Katherine Jackson will have custody of the three children. Debbie Rowe, the mother of Prince and Paris, will get visitation, but no extra money.

NBC's Today show reports that under the new deal, Debbie will retain her parental rights but has agreed not to claim custody.

I'm glad. Honestly I am. I feel like the kids should stay with Mama Katherine (LOL calling her that like she's my mother or grandmother or something, but that's what I call her LOL). They've known her, they love her, they feel comfortable around her. Debbie hasn't really been there in the later years much. However, she does deserve to be a part of their lives. That is their biological mother after all. So I'm glad this deal was reached. It was what Michael wanted (at least as of 2002 according to his will). And something tells me that even if it was written this year, he would've wanted the same thing. The bond between him and his mother was a great one.

I wish this family all the best and they are still in my thoughts and prayers.


~Brittany Shawnté

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