The-Dream's Third CD To Be His Last...

Well, bad news for The-Dream's fans out there. The-Dream exclusively confirmed with BET.com the rumors that Love King, his third solo effort, will be his final project.

"I’ve been on the fence about this even before I made “Love Vs Money” [The-Dream’s sophomore release], so I’m in the process of getting ready for that to be the last one and just ride out into the sunset." The-Dream stated. "I think the notion about 'killing The-Dream' was, just to clear that up, I rather me stop making records on my own terms versus people getting tired of hearing me. That’s basically what I’m doing."

Hey, I feel you. This is the same thing that Lupe Fiasco is going to do too. And people don't understand why. I guess, my point is why not? Everybody is going to have their stopping point as an artist. One of these days Beyoncé is going to stop sporting those heels while she's dancing up a storm on stage (a sad day for music that will be, in my opinion). One day, Weezy is going to be done with the rap game. Everybody has their stopping point. It can be at the very top when everybody is screaming your name, you got sold-out concerts, signing autographs and taking pics and all that jazz. Or it can be at the bottom when you're singing at small-town lounges just to make a buck. Why not go out when you're at the top of the game? I can understand where he's coming from and I wish him the best. He'll be missed as an R&B artist. However, just because he's "retired" doesn't mean he's really done. Prime example: Mr. Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter. He was supposed to be done how long ago?? LOL but the music grabbed him back. Maybe the same will happen with Dream. And even if it doesn't, the world will still hear from him: he will still be writing songs for different artists still in the game.

Love King has yet to snatch a release date. However, according to The-Dream himself, the set will hit stores later this year.


~Brittany Shawnté

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