"Better on the Other Side" (Official MJ Tribute Song)

I know I have had so many posts about Michael Jackson, and that is because he has had a profound impact on me, members of my family, my friends, and so many people throughout the world. "In The Spotlight" is not an official Michael Jackson blog. I have other celebrity news that will definitely be written about, but just know and try to understand why Michael is taking precedence right now.

I felt the need to share this video with all of the Michael Jackson fans out there. It's the official video for "Better on the Other Side", a tribute song to Michael by The Game, featuring Chris Brown (YES!!!!!!), Diddy, Mario Winans, Usher, Polow Da Don, and Boyz II Men. This song is amazing! Thank you to Game and all of the other artists featured for making a beautiful tribute to Michael. And in such a short time! I'm proud of it. I just watched it and the tears are falling!! RIP Michael...I miss you already. Oh and one day I vow to master the anti-gravity move LOL Enjoy the video!


~Brittany Shawnté

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