Well, if you haven't heard by now, here it is. NBA star Richard Jefferson went MIA on his wedding to former New Jersey Nets dancer Kesha Ni'Cole Nichols. A few days before the ceremony was to take place, he broke up with Kesha and the wedding was canceled! And NOBODY THOUGHT TO INFORM A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF GUESTS!!!! So people show up to the Mandarin Oriental in NYC, thinking that they're about to see a beautiful wedding ceremony, but, once there, they found out there was no wedding. And different sources say that the wedding cost $2 MILLION!!!! Waste of money!!!

OHHHH!!!!!!!! OHHHH!!!!! I was mad reading about this and it ain't got nothing to do with me! Let my future fiance even THINK about up and canceling a wedding two days before it's supposed to go down! After all that time and energy, your behind gonna cancel two days before the wedding?!!! No, I got a problem with that. I'm sorry. I am a firm believer in letting go of a relationship that's not working out and has no hope to, but this is ridiculous! You had to have known deep down inside that this wasn't going to work A LONG TIME AGO!!! Not just no two days before the wedding. See, this is why instincts should most times be followed. If you believe that somebody's not right for you, I MEAN REALLY REALLY FEEL IT IN YOUR GUT, THEN LET IT GO!!!! OHHHH!!! Sorry Richard, but I would've had to cut you! This is worse than Tony Romo dumping Jessica Simpson the day before her birthday!

And then not having the nerve to tell ALL of the guests that the wedding was off!!! Some people knew, but a good amount didn't. If I had shown up there, he might have gotten some explicits from me! You mean to tell me that I woke up, got out of my nice warm !@*!*^% bed, got dressed in a hot *&%^$@! outfit, traveled how ever far I would have to travel to get to the dag on place, JUST TO FIND OUT THAT THERE'S NO &%%$#@%! WEDDING! Oh he would've gotten some choice words from Brittany Shawnté, cuz time is precious and it shouldn't be wasted like that. Plus, when I get mad, curses sometimes fly. I'm working on it LOL

So this is just ridiculous. Keshia, you should cut him! Just a thought from me...


~Brittany Shawnté

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