Murder-Suicide Confirmed


Unfortunately, I have to report what I feel like we all probably already knew. It has been confirmed that Steve McNair, the former NFL player known for playing with the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens, was killed by his girlfriend Sahel Kazemi in his sleep. Kazemi then shot herself. Here's the STORY Apparently, Kazemi was paying two car notes, her rent had doubled, and she suspected that McNair was having a second affair with a woman (I'm going to talk about their own affair in a little bit). So she got overwhelmed and decided to end his life, and hers. It's a sad situation.

Now, to this affair. This isn't just to the ladies either, cuz men can be the same way. You honestly cannot expect to have an affair with anyone, and expect them to leave their husband or wife for you. It's VERY rare when that actually happens. I have heard so many stories, and personally seen this happen. People get involved in affairs, thinking that eventually they will be number one. But it's not really fitting to happen. And in the VERY rare chance that it does, what do you think is ultimately going to happen to you? If your lover was cheating on his or her significant other with you, who's to say that your lover won't do the same to you? I know I'm only 18, and I "don't understand." Whatever. What I don't understand is why would you want to do that? Why would you want to be the other woman? Why would you want to have to sneak around with somebody? In my opinion, it all just ends bad. It can end in bitterness and hate, blackmail, and even, as seen in this unfortunate case, fatality. That's just my opinion.

A memorial service for McNair will be held today. Family, friends, coaches, and players will come together to celebrate his achievements and his life, focusing on the good times instead of the bad. Please keep the loved ones of both McNair and Kazemi in your thoughts and prayers.


~Brittany Shawnté

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