New Gossip Girl On Board!!!


People can say what they want. I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL!!!! The show is drama-filled, which is my favorite type of show because I'm never bored with watching other people's drama LOL. I can't wait for Season 3 to start back up in the fall. Changes are definitely happening this season: new schools (with the seniors heading to college), new drama (OF COURSE!) and new cast members?!

Hilary Duff, a longtime fan of the show, is set to play a character named Olivia Burke, a college student at New York University, where Blair, Dan, and Vanessa will be as well. Olivia will be Vannessa's roommate.

I'm excited for this season. Last season was very interesting. All of that drama with Rufus and Lily and their "dead" son, Dan and Serena and their seemingly never ending relationship problems (probably doesn't help that their parents are on and off too) then Chuck finally telling Blair those three little words!!! LOL people are probably reading this blog thinking, "What in the world is she talking about??" Only Gossip Girl fans would know. And what can I say? I got caught up in the phenomenon that is Gossip Girl! Never to let it go LOL I've never been disappointed by Gossip Girl, and I don't expect to be in Season 3. Make sure you check out the new season premiering this fall on The CW!


~Brittany Shawnté

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