Possible Jackson reality show?


According to OMG! Yahoo, A&E is working on a reality show featuring Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Randy Jackson. Footage was filmed for an hour special that was said to be the backdoor pilot for a potential reality series. This footage showed the Jacksons getting a new album together and a reunion tour! A&E planned to show the special sometime next year with the tentative title "The Jackson Family."

Of course, with Michael Jackson's recent passing, things have changed. There has been no additional footage shot, and the network is trying to determine how Michael's passing will be displayed in the special. Folks at A&E are speaking with the Jackson family to determine what direction the show will go, so production is on hold for a while. A&E executives are saying "Stay tuned" though, so we shall see.

Definitely, if there is to be a reality series, I'm in to watch. It would be cool to see the Jacksons still going strong even with their recent loss of Michael. And to have a new album and a reunion tour?! That would be crazy. Plus, I've heard that there is a possible idea of a hologram of Michael performing on the stage along with his brothers. Now there's nothing that can replace the real thing, the real electrifying performances by Michael, but that would still be cool to see. So we shall see! I will definitely keep you posted.


~Brittany Shawnté

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