Rockin Again


Ok, so those who know me, know that I'm the biggest kid ever. I'm pretty sure I've stated it on here. I watch Disney Channel probably more than your regular little kid...but that's ok because I'm Brittany Shawnté, so I'm authorized to do that LOL.

I say all that to say that the campers of Camp Rock are going to be rockin out again! According to OMG! on Yahoo, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam is in production right now, and will premiere sometime in 2010. Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers will reprise their same roles. The movie is based on the teens coming back to Camp Rock, only to find that another camp across the lake, Camp Star, is trying to take Camp Rock's place as the top performing arts camp.

I'm pretty sure that I can already tell how this one is going to end. A lot of movies have become so predictable, it's downright funny. But hey, I liked Camp Rock, so I will watch this one. Plus one of the loves of my life, Joe Jonas, is in it. Shoot, he was my main reason for watching the first one LOL. Even though I don't believe that the Camp Rock movies are going to reach the heights of High School Musical and its sequels, they are definitely becoming quite the phenomenon. And that Demi Lovato can sing!!!! I mean, she is one of the best Disney singers they've had in a while, probably since Raven (even though I feel like most of them should've just stuck to acting, but that's a whole other matter entirely). And, of course, all the little girls want to see the Jonas Brothers in action. Who can blame them? I do too! So I'm looking forward somewhat to this sequel. As long as Joe is in it, I won't be that disappointed, regardless of if there's a predictable plot or not.


~Brittany Shawnté

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