Today, I heard out of Jamie Foxx's mouth himself on the Steve Harvey Morning Show that Skank Robbers, the hilarious clip that was played at this year's BET Awards, WILL ACTUALLY BE A REAL MOVIE!!!! Yes, you read right people! Sheneneh (played by Martin Lawrence on his hit show Martin) and Wanda (played by Jamie Foxx on In Living Color) are back!!!! As seen in the "trailer", the comedic pair will play robbers of a bank. No other details have been released about the plot. No characters have been officially confirmed, though Tyler Perry is rumored to be playing Madea!

I CAN'T WAIT!!! This movie is going to be ridiculous! Definitely going to go see it! Shoot, Sheneneh AND Wanda?!! I'm down for the count. Makes me feel kind of old though cuz they're not rockin their 90's wear anymore. We're all in the new millenium and what not, and I'm freakin gonna step out of my teen status next year. Ugh. But enough about me. Make sure when the movie comes out, YOU GO SEE IT!!! I will give out more details about the plot and everything when I get them.


~Brittany Shawnté

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