Two Days in A Box...


David Arquette, most known for his role as Dewey in the Scream movie trilogy (LOVED THOSE MOVIES!!! well minus the third one, but I digress) will be living in a box in NYC to raise money for the hungry. That's what YAHOO! stated. Now when I first read that, I assumed that it would possibly be a real cardboard box that he would be staying in for two days. But no LOL.

David will be staying in a Plexiglas box above the Madison Square Garden marquee on Tuesday and Wednesday. This mission, if you will, is to try to raise $250,000 for Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger relief charity. Arquette will stay in the box each day for about eight hours and he will eat during that period.

Ok, first I must say that I commend the effort. We live in a society where many people think only of themselves, especially people with a lot of money. So I have to say that it's great for him to be doing this. Got a few bones to pick, though LOL Come on, yall should know how I do by now...

First off, this living in a Plexiglas box. I guess, it depends on the size of the box and what all they decide to put in the box. If Arquette is living in a box where he can't do much but lay down or stand, then fine, but if he is in a Plexiglass box that's so huge he can walk all around, lay in a bed and watch TV or something, then that's not cool. Details about the box weren't stated in the article I read, but I'm feeling like the box should reflect what people throughout this world go through every day. You shouldn't be in a grand "box" living in the lap of luxury trying to raise money for charity, when more than likely the people you are raising the money for are living in real boxes, struggling from day to day. I'm just saying LOL but we shall see. I can't bash him for it because I don't know what the box will be like yet, but I'm sure pictures will be released.

Let me talk about this just a tad bit too. This GETTING TO EAT situation. Ok, maybe this is just me, but don't you think if you are raising money FOR THE HUNGRY, you should go hungry during your eight hours a day?! LOL I mean, seriously? People are going without food for days, months, and you can't go without food for two eight-hour periods? Something's a little wrong with that picture, but OK LOL.

Like I said before though, I think it's cool what David is doing. Raising money for charity is commendable. And you know, I've always wondered what it would be like to live in a Plexiglas box, ever since I saw Shia LeBeouf do it on Even Stevens. LOL yall remember that episode where he had to stay in there for two full days, but he had a bed, TV, and fully stocked fridge? LOL that's cool man. Good luck David!


~Brittany Shawnté


  1. Maybe, he should take one homeless, hungry person into the box each day to dine with him. That would make more sense.

  2. Yeah that's true....maybe he will do that. He just shouldn't be in there basically living good, while other people aren't, saying that he's doing something for hungry people.



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