Addressing the "Shorts Controversy" With Michelle Obama

Urgh...sometimes the American people can really just get on my nerves. If you know me, you know that I am a supporter of Barack Obama and his family. So, of course, when I read the articles about this "controversy" with First Lady Michelle's shorts when she visited the Grand Canyon with her family this past weekend, I got a tad bit offended because people were just being rude, claiming that she had no class and all this and all that. I just came up on it again, and it made me mad all over again, so I decided to write on it.

To me, this "controversy" is plain stupid. It's hot as all get out in Arizona. What do people expect her to wear, a full sweatsuit just so she can cover every inch of her body?! People are becoming too obsessed with what she's wearing!!! Personally, I don't see anything wrong with the shorts. People are saying that the shorts she was wearing were close to freakin Daisy Dukes, and the length of those shorts were nowhere near any Daisy Dukes! Check it for yourself!!! For those that argue that she should've worn capris, you tend to get hot in those too. It's freakin hot in Arizona! People need to chill.

I know that the President and the First Lady and the rest of the First Family directly represent the American people, and they need to be held to a higher standard but dang! All of yall can wear shorts, but they can't?!! That's completely stupid! They are human beings too and I'm pretty sure they get hot in the summertime just like the rest of us. They sweat. They fan themselves. THEY GET HOT! Dang, people treat them (as with all celebrities) like people who are just supposed to wear this and look like that and do this and be the most perfect human beings that ever graced the earth!!! PEOPLE PLEASE!!!! Stop putting them on so high a pedestal that you fail to recognize that they are just regular people.

By the way, I think the shorts are cute on her! Michelle's got style yall! Shoot, she dresses a lot better than a lot of our past First Ladies. Sorry, just my opinion lol!


~Brittany Shawnté

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