Bow Wow Signs To Cash Money?!!

Lil Wayne, Drake, now Bow Wow?!! Well it's been confirmed by Bow Wow himself on (wouldn't you know it) Twitter. Dang! Must everybody use Twitter to detail their business decisions?! Ugh...

But it's official. Bow Wow, who "retired" earlier this year from the rap game (that's another thing: how you gonna retire from anything at 22? LOL that's just crazy to me!), has signed to Cash Money Records, home to Lil Wayne and Drake.

"It's official, I'm a Cash Money Millionaire," Bow Wow told his followers on Twitter.

In June, R&B singer Omarion signed to Cash Money as well. Hmmm...interesting. I was in love with Omarion when I was younger and I loved Bow Wow too. But they seemed to have fallen off a tad...well let's keep it real. They've fallen off a lot. I'm hoping that Cash Money will put them back on the map. It's a little out of reach, but I'm hoping. Good luck guys! Wayne, please do something with them....please.


~Brittany Shawnté

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