Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Back Together?!!

Well, it has been rumored on other websites, but my trusted rumor mill MediaTakeout has reported it, so now I really do believe it. LOL just because MTO has been right on so many other stories. Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are back together for real, according to MTO. Reportedly, Kim has decided to step back and give Reggie some space, and push marriage on him so much. They are supposed to be working on their problems The couple had split in late July after more than two years together.

Well, guess Reggie is back off the market again....dang! LOL that man is gorgeous!!! Hello?!! Do you see that picture?!!!!! Whoooooo!!!!! Congrats again Kim! I seriously hope yall work out your problems because you guys really are a cute couple.


~Brittany Shawnté

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