Brody Jenner Tasered After Fight With Girl Gone Wild Founder...

More drama from The Hills...

Brody Jenner, a crowd favorite from the popular TV series told TMZ that Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis "punched and kicked" his girlfriend, Playboy playmate Jayde Nicole, at a Hollywood club early Friday morning.

Brody says that he and Jayde were celebrating his 26th birthday at a club called Guys & Dolls when they spotted Francis "unrelentingly" hitting on one of Francis' exes.

Jayde thought Joe was harassing the woman, whom she considers a friend, so she threw a drink on him, TMZ reported.

Brody posted on his Twitter that Francis then "pulled [Jayde] to the ground, punched and kicked her."

Security broke up the fight, and police were called. "A report was taken," Los Angeles Sheriff Lieutenant LaJuana Haselrig tells Usmagazine.com. "It's still under investigation. There were no arrests."

Brody told TMZ that he followed Francis out of the club and punched him in the face. Jenner was then struck with a taser gun, although he's not sure by whom.

Jayde says she plans to press charges against Francis. She claims to have a black and blue cheek, swollen face, bruised left rib and sore lower abdomen. She also says some of her hair was pulled out in the fight.

Man oh man...can anybody just ever go to a club these days without any drama going on? I feel for Jayde. I mean, the man was flat out wrong for hitting her (if in fact the beating did occur..I haven't seen pictures yet). You're not supposed to put your hands on a woman. And it's not like he just pushed her or something. From this report, Jayde got jacked up bad!!! I mean, her role on the show is unnecessary to me since all she did was start stupid drama with Audrina over Brody (LOL you can tell I love The Hills huh?), so she's not a real favorite of mine, but she didn't deserve that at all. I hope that she will be okay.

I hope everything is good with Brody too. Who in the world tasered him?!!! LOL that just seemed so random to me! You punch somebody in the face for beating up your girl, and then somebody stuns you! That's just really really messed up, but a little funny at the same time LOL just a little. You know you are kind of chuckling to yourself...

Well, I hope everything gets worked out. Best wishes Brody and Jayde (even though I think Brody and Lauren are soul mates LOL).


~Brittany Shawnté

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