Tracy Morgan Files For Divorce

According to Access Hollywood, 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan has filed for divorce.

The comedian has been separated from wife Sabina, his high school sweetheart, for eight years. They have been married for 23.

“Basically they were divorced without the paperwork,” a friend of the star reportedly told the Daily News. “It seems like he has had a different girlfriend every five months or so. In the past three years, I’ve met three girlfriends.” The estranged couple has three children together.

Tracy was recently nominated for his first Emmy award for his work as over-the-top comedian Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock.

Man another divorce! I know it's been said that they were together for a while, and then separated for eight years, so the day was bound to come but dang! I'm glad that I have many couples in my life that have stayed together through thick and thin in their marriage else I wouldn't even want to think about crossing that path! Too too many divorces. And I know that not every marriage can work out and sometimes it's better to go your own separate ways, but don't yall think that this is getting to be a little too crazy?! I mean, not in Tracy's case, but a lot of people now a days get married without even really knowing each other and each other's desires like kids and careers, you know? And the Bible (I'm a Christian proud to say!) talks about being unequally yoked which makes a lot of since regardless of if you believe in God or not. You shouldn't be with somebody that wants kids when you know you're not trying to! You shouldn't be with somebody that doesn't share your same values, because in the end, you will end up fighting over it all. Don't mean to preach or anything, but the divorce rate is killing the family. I feel sorry for the kids in divorced families. I mean I know in a lot of cases, they're okay, but it has to hurt. My parents aren't divorced, but I know quite a few couples that are, and it takes a toll on the kids, too. It's just getting to be a little too much that's all. Just my opinion...feel free to disagree.


~Brittany Shawnté

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