TV Interviews Puts Survivor Winner In Jail

If you haven't heard by now, Survivor winner Richard Hatch was taken to jail because he granted two TV interviews without getting permission from the federal Bureau of Prisons.

Hatch had been serving the remainder of his prison term for tax evasion under house arrest at his sister's home in Rhode Island. He granted three television interviews this week — to NBC's Today show, NBC affiliate WJAR-TV and Access Hollywood. In the interviews, Hatch accused the prosecutor of misconduct and said the judge in the case discriminated against him because he was gay.

Hatch's lawyer, Cynthia Ribas, said she had thought the permission Hatch got extended to all NBC properties, but federal rules consider each media outlet separate.

I don't really agree with the discrimination claim that Richard spoke about. I mean, you didn't pay your taxes on your prize money, so you can't really claim that a judge sentenced you to jail just because you were gay. But still this situation seriously sucks. You just got out of jail, and now you're right back in there again. Because of some interviews? I mean, I know it's the rules, but that's kind of stupid to me. It's messed up. All I can say is good luck Richard. I hope you get out of jail soon and that everything works out for you.


~Brittany Shawnté

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