Rising Back Up: Naturi Naughton

So I decided just now that I would do a little segment for In The Spotlight called "Rising Back Up." Not an every day, or even an every week type deal. Just when I notice somebody getting back up on their feet after a fall, I will do a little something on them.

Yall know who I have noticed is on the up and up now? Miss Naturi Naughton.

Ok, so Naturi started out with the now defunct girl group 3LW (still have some of their stuff on the iPod...ahhh memories). She left the group in 2002 and there was debate about what all happened with that. You know, Naturi throwing a plate of food at Kiely or something like that. Kiely and Adrienne went on with the group for all of two seconds with another girl Jessica Benson, and when that was done, they moved on to form the Cheetah Girls, which officially disbanded this year.

So for a while, Naturi was gone. Nobody saw her or heard from her. At least I didn't. Then BOOM! She comes back as Lil Kim in Notorious, the biopic about the Notorious BIG. I remember looking at the plot of the movie on Wikipedia and seeing her name, thinking dang...where has she been?!! Then I found out that she had been in "It Must've Been A Typo", one of my favorite TRUTH commercials (you know, the commercials that put the truth out there about the dangers of smoking). Now, she will be seen in the remake of Fame, hitting theaters this Friday, which I can't wait to see!!

After all that drama with 3LW and her going into oblivion for a spell, the girl has interviews with BET, MTV, and the like. Photoshoots to promote her movies and everything. It's just good to see her back. I liked her in 3LW, and she is showing that she has talent as an actress as well. For right now, Naturi has stated that she wants to stay focused on acting, but is thinking about a solo album. Go head Naturi. Good to see you rising back up.


~Brittany Shawnté

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