Alicia Keys Starts Jewelry Collection

According to OMG Yahoo!, singer Alicia Keys has launched her own jewelry line, each piece inscribed with uplifting messages.

Alicia teamed up with Canadian designer Gisele Theriault this jewelry collection called "The Barber's Daughters." It features silver and gemstone pieces with quotes and poetry from well known figures such as Gandhi, Buddha and Shakespeare.

Alicia felt like the transition from music to inspirational jewelry was quite natural. "I realized that this was another way to reach out to people and to really bring them inspiration in some way. If people tell me how much they love my music because it's gotten them though a certain time in their life, I felt like this was an extension of music." she said.

The jewelry line is being sold through Collette Blanchard Gallery in a temporary "pop-up" shop on Manhattan's lower east side. The pieces range from necklaces and earrings, to watches, cuffs and bracelets and are priced from $85 to $2,500. Yeah, kinda pricy but check out some sample pics below and tell me that it's not worth it!!!

The jewelry will be available publicly in 2010. Shoot, I'm fitting to save up myself LOL well maybe not cuz we're all in recession mode and I'm a college student with loans to pay LOL but it's really nice jewelry! Go ahead Alicia!!! Glad to see you expanding!!!!


~Brittany Shawnté

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