Yeah you read that title right! Oprah is ending Oprah! Oprah announced earlier today (Friday) on her hit show that her upcoming season, her 25th in fact, will be her last, with the show's series finale being some time in 2011. According to OMG Yahoo!, Oprah put a lot of thought into ending the show and moving on. "25 years feels right in my bones and my spirit. It's the perfect number, the exact right time," Oprah said.

I honestly gasped in shock when I read the news. I mean, it's Oprah! I feel like her show was one of those shows that was supposed to and could have gone on FOREVER! However, it is her show, and maybe she feels like she needs to move on and maybe do something different with herself, or maybe even just relax. I mean, Oprah's been doing this show since 1986! That's a long time to be working. In addition, Oprah has her own production company, Harpo Productions. She has O Magazine (that my mother is a faithful subscriber too), and she does acting! I mean, who can forget Miss Sofia in The Color Purple?! Also I found out she plays the mother of Tiana, the main character of the upcoming Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog. Oprah's been busy!!!!! Let her take a break and chill! I mean, I will definitely miss her show because you definitely learn a lot about other people and yourself watching that show. Oprah makes you think. Her show will be missed, but I say let her branch out maybe, or even just enjoy the fruit of her success! God knows she deserves it.


~Brittany Shawnté

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