This Is It!

This Is It!, the movie that shows the late great Michael Jackson during his final rehearsals for his This Is It Tour in London, premiered this past Wednesday and has since made $101 million worldwide, according to OMG! Yahoo.

I went to go see the movie opening day, and was very impressed. This movie shows just what a musical genius and loving human being that man was. It was sad, though, because you see him dancing and performing like nothing was wrong with him and you see how big this comeback would've been. It's just sad to know that Michael is no longer around to make more music, but his legacy will live on.

Some of his new music is going to be released soon from what I've heard, and This Is It!'s run is going to be extended from the original two weeks! So definitely, if you are an MJ fan, go see the movie! You will definitely be touched and inspired.


~Brittany Shawnté

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