Alicia Keys Taking 5 People To Africa

Hola everyone! I'm back after a very relaxing Thanksgiving break! Hope everyone had an excellent Thankgiving!

It's been reported by OMG! Yahoo (by way of the Associated Press)that Miss Alicia Keys will be taking 5 people on a trip to Africa!

Alicia says her first visit to Africa was so emotional and inspiring that she wants to take people down there to experience it for themselves. Through her charity, Keep a Child Alive, which helps provide medication for those infected with AIDS, she is launching a contest that will give 5 people an opportunity to visit the continent with her.

"I was able to see the great separation between have and have not," Alicia said regarding her own experience. "I was able to see the incredible spirit of people. I was able to learn firsthand about the AIDS pandemic of Africa."

Alicia will officially announce the contest today, which is World AIDS Day, when she performs at the Nokia Theatre in New York's Time Square. The concert will air live on YouTube tonight(8 p.m. EST).

Fans will be able to enter the contest online at the foundation's Web site, or by sending a text. The fee for the text is $5, but it will be donated to Keep a Child Alive. Alicia said the winners, who will travel throughout Africa for five days sometime next year, will visit the people and places that were most influential to her.

Wow...that trip that would be amazing! I love to travel and I have always wanted to go to Africa! I think that it would be a very mind-blowing experience and chance for me to learn more about the continent besides from what I have read in books. It's great that Alicia is doing this contest, not only to give people the opportunity to go to Africa, but also to open the doors for them to be educated about the real issues there.

Visit Alicia's charity's website, Keep A Child Alive!


Brittany Shawnté

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