Allen Iverson Unretires AND HEADS BACK TO PHILLY!!!

Real short post for you. Shortest I've ever done Here we go....

Allen Iverson unretires? I figured it was coming soon enough but LOL IT'S ONLY BEEN A WEEK!!!!! According to the LA Times, AI is signed back to the 76ers and making his re-debut Monday against the Denver Nuggets.

"We felt Allen was the best available free agent guard to help us at this time," Sixers President Ed Stefanski said in a release.

BUT HE JUST ANNOUNCED HIS RETIREMENT!!!! I mean JUST DID IT! That gotta be the shortest retirement in the history of the NBA! Lol maybe AI was trying to get a better deal or something. I don't know. But it'll be nice to see him back with the Sixers. I feel like his name and that team are synonymous. Shoot, he's the only reason I even knew that team existed LOL


~Brittany Shawnté

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  1. I am so happy this going down. I dont care what people say about this man. This man is the reason why I started playing basketball and really one of the reason I got tattoos I use to have cornrows and is a reason why I also rap. He has been a inspiration to me since I was 10 years old. I am now 24. I have learned not to give up play hard and not judge people as much because of this man. When I was not staying with my father and being raised by my mother and grandmother this was the only male influence I could relate to. Thank GOD he is positive because if not I probably would have turned out wrong. It's more than basketball with this man and me. This is more than just someone signing to a team. Allen Iverson represents us as a black race especially the males. The misunderstanding of the black male, the racial profiling. They look at his image and say oh he a thug and that's how they look at us. They say he a ball hog but Kobe bryant scored 81pts a couple years ago and 69 a couple of games before that. You dont score that many points without ball hogging. I hope he do what he has to do he not perfect he can be an ass at times but just like all the superstars. Jordan wasnt the best player to get along with look it up. I am glad he is back with Philly and I pray that he kicks ass!!!! All in that order. Thanks for the post Britt. Had to vent and get it out.



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