Chris Brown's Albums Being Hidden???

Since I'm still hyped about seeing Chris Breezy live, I might as well write another post about him. Well, according to MediaTakeOut, Chris has been upset about the "disappointing" sales of his third CD Graffiti. No real numbers have been released yet. It's only been the first week! Chris has been going off on his Twitter page about how major stores are blackballing his CD, refusing to sell them. MTO says that he's just bitter about the fact that nobody is buying his CD. People feel that he came out too soon after the whole Rihanna mess.

However, I follow Chris on Twitter and he's been getting a lot, I mean, A LOT of tweets from fans saying that they can't get his album in stores, that managers are refusing to sell them. He even stated that while he was in Connecticut for one of his shows over the weekend, that he went into a Walmart and they didn't even have Graffiti there. Ain't that some stuff though? Are stores even allowed to do that? Seems to me like somebody should be checking out some federal laws or something, cuz this seems mad shady.....Well, if you can't get the album in stores, buy it online or on iTunes!!!!

Ugh....the day when everyone finally gets over this nonsense cannot come soon enough for me.


~Brittany Shawnté

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