Chris Brown's Fan Appreciation Tour Rolls Through B-more!!!!

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People can say whatever they want to say. Chris Brown has been one of the hottest artists out since he stepped in the game, and he will be until he leaves. That's just fact. I'm sorry. I'm not even bringing up the issue anymore because I realized tonight that it's not necessary. He's mad talented. He's Chris Brown. Period. Get with it or keep it moving.

I spread the word about a month ago to you all about Chris' Fan Appreciation Tour that he was having, to show love to all of the fans who stuck by his side through his whole ordeal. Well, tonight, he rolled through Baltimore at SONAR, a popular club in downtown B-more. I told yall I was going. Got my ticket a few days after I made the post about the tour matter of fact. And my gooooodddddnesssssss.....that was the hottest show I've seen. Pics and videos (as blurry and staticky as they may be) are posted at the end of this blog....

Opening act was the New Boyz, as you can see from the poster. They did some songs from their debut album, Skinny Jeans and a Mic. And I got to admit, they did pretty good. I'm not a huge fan, but I know "You're a Jerk" is my song. And uh...Legacy, you can holla anytime. Ben J, I accept you too LOL. They were good, and they got the crowd hyped up.

Then Chris stepped out. MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Even if you've only seen him through the TV or computer screen, you already know! The boy is....incredible to say the least. First song he does is "I Can Transform Ya", which has broken Top 20 on the Billboard charts, showing off his moves with his dancers. He took it back to his debut self-titled album, performing "Run It!," along with "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" and "Gimme That." Yall remember them songs?!! It's been a minute!!!! He did some songs from Exclusive as well, "Throwed," "Wall to Wall," and the hot and sexy "Take You Down." Video is included people, so uhhhhhh yeah check that out! It's a bit noisy, but yall ain't really listening to the music, are yall? LOL

Then he did some songs from his new album Graffiti, which, if you ain't picked it up, then what in the world are you waiting for?!!! It's fire! (Check my Chris vs. Rihanna post to check a few tracks). In addition to "I Can Transform Ya," Chris sang "Crawl" and "Brown Skinned Girl."

Chris also had his moments where he just danced to house and go go music. In case yall ain't know, he's from Virginia (DMV! D.C. Maryland, Virginia, stand up!), so he took it back to his roots a little bit. I'm telling you, man, this dude can perform!!!! There aren't that many artists that do good performing live, and Chris did amazing!!! Proud of him...proud that he reps DMV. Proud that he's back! And like I tell people, if he don't have a fan in nobody else, he will always have a fan in Brittany Shawnté.

Shout outs to Nina and Gigi for rolling with me, and to my little sis Alexis and my girl Selam who wanted to roll and couldn't, but I still hooked yall up :) Here are pics and vids (If you're reading this on Facebook, I should have them up later today. If you want to see them now, head to In The Spotlight to view!) Sorry in advance for the blurriness!!! My camera is bad at taking pics with people moving and I was surrounded by too excited young attendees who kept pushing, trying to get their way to the front even though they had kind of no hope...First concert, you know? I remember those days....Scream Tour 2 with Bow Wow and B2K?! Yeah, I acted a fool too.

My boo Legacy from New Boyz

Ben J from New Boyz

Chris from the side

You're A Jerk-New Boyz

"I Wanna Be"-Chris Brown

"Take You Down"-Chris Brown

Again, sorry for the blurriness and static!!! Just a little taste of an amazing night!!!!


~Brittany Shawnté

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