T.I. Released From Prison!!!

Well, I heard rumors that rapper T.I. was going to be released early from his prison sentence, just in time for Christmas. T.I. was set to serve three more months at the Arkansas Forrest City Prison.

Well sources at Atlantic Records have confirmed that T.I. was released and that he will be spending the rest of his time in a half-way house in Atlanta, according to BET.com.

“You live within this house that is broken into areas for living, and you are permitted to leave during the day for certain reasons of which would be employment, medical reasons, things of that nature, and you return to the halfway house in the evening,” T.I.'s attorney, Steve Sadow, told XXL concerning T.I's release. “So it’s a restriction on your liberty but it’s a way for you to reenter into society and not be confined within a jail type institution 24-hours a day.”

I'm happy...I mean, I know he could've and maybe should've stayed that extra three months, but it's T.I. He's one of my favorite rappers out right now, so I need him to get to the studio like yesterday. But I'm glad to hear that he's been released, especially in time to spend Christmas with Tiny and the rest of the fam! Welcome back Tip!


~Brittany Shawnté

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