"Monster"-Kanye West (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

One word. Crazy. Can I say that I love this song to DEATH?! I've heard that this isn't the final version but it's good enough for me. Check the video below (before it disappears, which it probably will soon!)


16 & Pregnant's Markai Durham Opens Up on No Easy Decision

I watched this past Tuesday night and there's no way I couldn't comment on it.
There’s always been drama with the teen moms featured on MTV’s hit show 16 & Pregnant.  Teen Mom’s (16 & Pregnant’s spinoff) Amber Portwood was arrested for battery against her baby Leah’s father Gary Shirley. That chick is crazy to me btw, and though I don't promote abuse, if I was Gary I would've slapped her back #ImJustSayin lol but I digress. Another controversy has surfaced with one of the teen mom’s featured on this past season of the show—Markai Durham.

Markai chose to have an abortion after becoming pregnant with her second baby with her boyfriend James. Her journey was featured on the MTV special No Easy Decision, after the 16 & Pregnant: Life After Labor season finale. She chose to do this special to bring to life the issue of abortion: the procedures, the emotions, everything involved behind it. With that decision came problems. Markai has been under attack since the news of the special came out, with many pro-lifers attacking her on her Facebook fan page.

Read more after the jump!


Ladies Only-J. Brice (Album Cover)

Soooo...I was in love with a boy named Julito McCullum from off The Wire Season 4 lol He's now branched out into rap, going by J. Brice (J for Julito, Brice was his character Namond's last name). And he's doing pretty decent. Got his last mixtape, The Premiere, a while back, and he's pretty good.

He will be releasing his next mixtape, Ladies Only, as sort of a pre-Valentine's gift for the ladies I figure lol on February 1 of next year. He just released the album cover a few minutes ago. Love the wrap around the woman's leg lol Guess this album is gonna be hella sexy huh? Can't wait to hear :-) Follow J. Brice on Twitter


Wake Up In The Morning Feelin Speechless...

Morning yall. Hope everything's good. Starting off the day with some new music Alicia Keys dropped yesterday. "Speechless" with Miss E.V.E. A declaration of love to Swizzy or to new baby Egpyt. I love it. Real mellow jam...got me in a loving mood so I start the blog out with this simple song today :-)

"I used to know all the words to say. I used to write all the poetry. But now, you take my breath away."



Teena Marie Passes

Hey yall. Hope you all had a good Christmas. I know I did. Great time with food, family, and a very competitive Wii competition lol.

Got some sad news, though. I just found out Teena Marie passed away today at the age of 54. CNN has confirmed after hearing from her manager. It's sad to have to report news like this around the holidays. And although, I didn't rock with Teena like that, her success in the R&B world can't be denied. It's crazy how fast legends are leaving us, while we're left with.....well yall know.

RIP Teena. She will be missed. Keep her family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

And I leave yall a song that I did actually like by her :-)



In The Spotlight: Ashley Chin

Good afternoon everyone! Hope all is well!

I seriously love doing spotlights. Definitely has put me on to some artists, designers, labels, etc. that are killing out here, doing what they love. So I have another one for you all today. Fashion, again! Yeah, I'm branching out? Why, what's up?

Today, I have for you Miss Ashley Chin, an upcoming designer from Miami! The 18-year-old fashionista actually studied fashion merchandising in high school and fell more in love with the industry as time went on. "I've always enjoyed being around clothing, being creative and mixing up my styles," Ashley said.

Read more about Ashley and her designs after the jump!


Ali Larter Has A Boy!!!

Morning yall! I'm on break now, and I'm back to Spotlight! I'm trying to step my game up here! BTW, I want you all to check out my friends' blogs too! Check out Say Something, Ella Thought, and The Wacko Monologues. All three of these bloggers I have secretly admired for their honesty and wisdom, though they're only a few years older than me. They're awesome :-)

Anywho, back to my post. Woke up this morning to the news of actress Ali Larter, known for her role as Lisa on Obsessed alongside Beyoncé and Idris Elba and on Heroes, has FINALLY had her baby with husband and fellow actor Hayes MacArthur. The couple gave the news exclusively to UsMagazine.com.

The baby, Theodore Hayes MacArthur, was born Monday in LA. "He's our perfect Christmas present," the new parents said.

Awww....congrats! Babies are such a blessing! :-)



It's a Kardashian Kristmas!

I'm starting to love the Kardashians! My friend Gigi got me hooked on the show. Khloe K. posted their annual Christmas Card, with the whole Kardashian-Jenner crew on her blog! It was a gothic theme, absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, but they look fly! And baby Mason looks too adorable!!!

Say what you will. I love em.


Model's Hair Catches Fire At Dirty Money's Party!

LOL Afternoon people! I saw this video and I just had to share!

I was reading MajicATL just now, and I saw this story. Apparently, last night at Diddy and Dirty Money's album release party for their album Last Train To Paris, comedian Kevin Hart was chilling with Trey Songz and Fabolous at the London Hotel in NY. The three were in a bathroom surrounded by models in bikinis. One girl is in a hot tub surrounded by candles, and well....yeah. Her weave catches fire. LOL I couldn't help but laugh, though. Probably not right to, but oh well because what are you all doing in there with candles all around the tub anyway?! And notice how calm Trey was haha. Check the video yourself below!



In The Spotlight: J Boo Tha Bully

Hey yall, hope all is well. Like I said, I've been busy putting in work on final projects and studying. Finals week at Loyola University is no joke. So I've disappeared, but I'm here for today lol. I have a spotlight on an artist that I should have done a looooonnnnggg while ago.

Hailing from the West Coast, we have AJ Johnson, aka J Boo Tha Bully. Read more about this upcoming rapper after the jump!


"Hold My Hand"-Michael Jackson & Akon (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Michael Jackson's posthumous video release of his song with Akon, "Hold My Hand" has officially been released. The inspirational song is the first single off of Michael's album entitled Michael, which will be released on Dec. 14.

The video features clips of course, of the late King of Pop at the top of the music empire. According to SingersRoom, It was directed by Mark Pellington and was filmed in California. "The video is a tribute to all that Michael stands for -- life, in all its permutations...love, and its power.... A video of memory, healing and joy," the director said in a statement.

Watch the video for "Hold My Hand" below!


In The Spotlight: Young Truth

Hello, good morning! Hope everything is well with yall. I'm...alive lol. Being at Loyola is wearing me down for several different reasons, but it's all good. I'm still blessed to see another day. Last day of classes is tomorrow, then finals, then it's out of Baltimore and back to PG County! Too excited to go home...

I have another spotlight to do today. I present to you Young Truth! An upcoming rapper who grew up in Harlem, William McMillan was exposed to the street life early on, around dealing and gangs. "From that very point, I knew I wanted to break the chain and be different, so I began to separate myself from negativity," the 22 year old rapper said. Read more about Young Truth after the jump!


No Genre-B.o.B. (Mixtape)

Hey hey all, hope all is well this Tuesday morning. Not gonna lie, struggling to maintain the blog and school once again. Finals at Loyola are next week, so if I disappear (I'm gonna try my best not to) don't be surprised.

Sooo....I definitely didn't know B.o.B was releasing a mixtape today! I'm new on his train, but I really like him! Ever since that concert over at Towson. He's really good! Listen and download his official mixtape No Genre below!!!!



In The Spotlight: Laudy (Designer)

Hey hey yall. Ahhhh Thursdays...I love em to death. Only have one class in the morning and then chill day. Made some posters for Loyola's gospel choir's concert, did a little cleaning, and now putting in work for the degree and the blog. All in all, good day!

Today, I'm excited to present Miss Laudy, an upcoming designer, who I had the pleasure to talk to and look at one of her designs. First designer ever on In The Spotlight! Hand clap for branching out! Read more about Laudy after the jump!


The Supremacy EP Review

It's Wednesday and World AIDS Day! Several of our celebrities have been digitally killed on Twitter lol for a serious cause: to raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS. You can go to BuyLife.org or research other websites and donate money towards education on the virus! And get yourself tested!

I need the week to keep on keeping on! I'm officially counting down til I leave Loyola (7 more days of classes, 19 days til I actually leave LOL). So I'm focused on school and the blog right now. Working on a good number of spotlights on upcoming artists. Even have a rising designer for yall to look forward to so be on the lookout!

Today, I'm doing a review. Which I rarely do. The only one I did before this was my short critique on Chris Brown's Graffiti and Rihanna's Rated R (in favor of Chris, still love RiRi though). Today, I'm doing a review on upcoming rapper Supreme General's EP, The Supremacy, which he released last week. Read more after the jump!


Kim Kardashian Poses Dead for World Aids Day

I'm back. Hiatus, I know. But I'm here! Happy Monday :)

Kim Kardashian is dead, says her new ad.

According to OMG! Yahoo, Kim's new ad is to raise awareness for World AIDS Day which is Wednesday Dec. 1. "Kim Kardashian Is Dead," the ad reads, explaining that she has sacrificed her digital life "to give real life to millions of others affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. Visit BuyLife.org or text ‘KIM’ to ‘90999’ to buy her life now."

Other stars like Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake are participating in the Digital Life Sacrifice event, in which they are quitting Twitter and Facebook until $1 million is raised for those in Africa suffering from this disease.

The event is organized by Alicia Keys. I think it's a great and creative idea to raise money for a great cause. Kudos Miss Keys and everybody else participating. Go to BuyLife.org now to donate to those affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa.



Ne-Yo's A Dad!!!

Morning yall! Happy Sunday. I'm headed to church but had to post this for yall. Ne-Yo is officially a daddy! According to People, his girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw, had a baby girl last night. Coming in a little earlier than her January due date, Monyetta gave birth to Little Miss Madilyn Grace Smith. "I've been in love before but this feels like nothing I've ever felt," said Ne-Yo on Twitter. "Like I'm in love for the first time."

Ne-Yo was at a charity event for his foundation when word reached him that Monyetta had went into labor. He did make it to the hospital for the birth. Both baby and mommy are fine according to Ne-Yo's reps.

Ne-Yo has another due date to look forward to! His brand new album, Libra Scale, will hit stores Nov. 22. I'm too excited!!!!



In The Spotlight: B.E.Z.

Hey hey everyone. I know I said this week was my self-proclaimed "Get My Life Together Week" (see last post below). And I have been. I've been meditating a lot about my life, on things that I always say I need to work on, but never do. A passing of a friend at my church shook me up. I'm focused on living my life to the fullest, just like he did in his short 17 years of life {RIP DeAndre...we miss you <3}

But on to the post for today. I am proud to spotlight another artist. Been promising him this forever lol I need to get on my stuff. Hailing from Dallas, we got Jarrel Needum, aka B.E.Z. (prounounced "Be Easy" not bez lol). This 21 year old has been doing music since he was 8. He started playing drums at church, and then eventually picked up producing at the age of 14.  I'd say I realized music was for me when I started producing," B.E.Z. says."Everything came so natural to me. Music has always been my dream. I love it." Though he says he is a producer first, he is branching out into "the artist realm." Read more after the jump.


In The Spotlight: KaPo Mann

Morning yall....Happy Monday. This week is "Get My Life Together Week." Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and academically. Oh, and journalistically (which is a word despite what Firefox says). As you have seen, I haven't written on here in a while, and I'm sorry :( This past week was not a good one, and honestly, Spotlight was one of the last things on my mind. But I'm back, and here is the spotlight on KaPo Mann. Read more after the jump!


In The Spotlight: Supreme General

Afternoon everyone! As you see, I've been slacking for the umpteenth time on the blog! Can I say again how ready I am to leave Loyola and get my career started?! Anyways, I want to apologize to the upcoming artists that I have interviewed and haven't gotten your posts up yet. This week, I hope to redeem myself starting with Supreme General. Had the opportunity to talk to him a few weeks back, to get his story on the blog so check him out after the jump!


"Right Thru Me"-Nicki Minaj (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Afternoon yall! I'm happy to present this post! Although I honestly wasn't a Nicki Minaj fan when she first came out, I have learned to love her. Though I'm not a Barb by any means LOL I respect her style, flow, and creativity as an artist. So I was extremely looking forward to this video!!! "Right Thru Me" is honestly, to me, her best song yet. The video was so simple, yet amazing. It was nice to see Nicki as Onika of her Barbie persona. The song is so beautiful and honest. I need that in my life...Wahhh (Snooki voice) lol. Make sure you cop Pink Friday on November 22! I know I definitely will!

What do yall think? That male model is soooo sexy lol but the vid is simple, right? I like it. #TeamNicki



Wale and B.o.B. at Towson! (Vids)

And now the vids!!!! Point blank period, Wale and B.o.B. are two of the hottest artists out right now. I pray that Wale gets the credit he deserves. He's mad underrated....we'll see with the next album. Check the vids!!! I apologize in advance for my yelling lol you can hear me loud and clear, and I'm yelling, not really singing. For the record, I got a little voice lol Also there's some shaking, and the vids are mostly sideways throughout. Recording wasn't really allowed, but I managed to get these by just acting like I was holding it while it was recording. Haha I just told on myself but whatevs! Just a little taste of what I experienced! Enjoy after the jump :-)

Wale and B.o.B at Towson!!!!

Good morning everyone! A happy morning indeed! Even though it's Monday (blehhh), my life was made last night! I had the opportunity to go to see Wale and B.o.B at Towson University! How I go to Loyola and still managed to buy my ticket last night and get FRONT ROW CENTER?!!! I'm a blessed chick lol

These two dudes KILLED!!! Yall know that I'm in love with Wale, (he's really the main reason I even went) and have been for quite some time. That's my rapper husband right now lol (yall see him lookin dead at me in this pic??? lol) but I digress. Wale got the crowd mad hyped! Jumping off stage and into the crowd, doing the gogo swing! I was rocking for real! And he was legit doing a UStream from stage lol hope yall caught it! I was also really impressed with B.o.B. I don't listen to him like that, but his lyrics proved to me why I should. I could tell he has such a passion for music, and he's mad talented! Sings, raps, plays piano and guitar, and who knows what else! I still think that Wale should have been headliner instead of B.o.B. More of the fans knew Wale over B.o.B., but I know Towson picked B.o.B to headline cuz he's getting more attention and has more sales. He's good in my book though. Gonna sit and listen to his album tomorrow.  Anywaysss...here are some pics from the concert! Vids will come a little bit later! Don't wanna have too much in one post! Enjoy after the jump :-)


Runaway"-Kanye West (Short Movie)

Hey yall! Kinda late night post, but here's the short film "Runaway" by Kanye West for those of you who missed it, or wanted to see it again! I'm doing work in the media lab, so I didn't catch it on MTV, but I'm about to watch it right after I post this! Just wanted yall to be able to see it. Critique later...maybe. I did listen to a bit of it, heard Miss Nicki Minaj's voice with her fake me out British accent haha! I love her though!

Random fact. Kanye's album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (check the interesting artwork to your left) and Nicki's Pink Friday hits stores the same day now! I didn't know Nicki changed the date on us! Interesting for two of the most highly anticipated albums to be released simultaneously. Anywaysss watch the short movie below and enjoy! Oh, and for those of you, seeking clarification, check this link!



"Test Drive"-Keshia Chante (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Hey hey yall! Hope all is well. Here's the newest video from Canadian R&B singer Keshia Chante for her single "Test Drive" off her upcoming double-disc album Night and Day.  I really like her voice! The song talks about the importance of test-driving a new relationship to make sure you make a right decision, according to SingersRoom. "That'd get us through the part when you first meet someone you like and all you can see is the glitter before you find out who they really are," she said in an interview with Sway magazine.

I really like her voice! She's a good singer...I'm also waiting on this Aaliyah (RIP) movie that she is supposedly starring in! She does look a bit like her, can't deny. Can't think of any other singer/actress to play her. Anyways...check out the video below!



The Situation's Book Cover

Even though Jersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has recently been kicked off of Dancing with the Stars, he's still making his money. With the season finale of Jersey Shore coming up on Thursday, and a third season on the way, as well as club appearances, and THIS BOOK, can't knock Situation's hustle! Here's his cover for his upcoming book Here's the Situation: A Guide to Creeping on Chicks, Avoiding Grenades, and Getting in Your GTL on the Jersey Shore! The book is due on November 2nd.
Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, also from the Shore, will be releasing a book as well, tentatively called A Shore Thing. The book, due in January, is about a girl looking (or snooking I guess) for love at the Shore. Wonder how many guidos/guidettes or wannabes will buy...Oooh that was the perfect place to say something about my school, but I will leave it alone LOL I really do love Loyola!


In The Spotlight: Nova

Hey hey! Got a spotlight for you all! Been getting several artists wanting a blog post, so just wanna put it out there again. Any singers, rappers, dancers, labels, whatever, if you would like a post on Spotlight, feel free to contact me on Twitter (ADD ME!!)or email me at inthespotlight1@live.com! I'm open to all genres!!!

Today I have the opportunity to present NOVA! Nova was born Rashaun Lovitt and is from southside Jamaica Queens. During his early childhood Nova spent a great deal of time with his grandmother who mostly listened to Motown greats such The Temptations, The Manhattans, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and Rick James, but it wasn’t until the age of 8 that he began listening to hip hop. Nova started rapping for fun at 13, after getting inspiration from his cousin, Christopher “Blitz” Middleton. He began taking his skills seriously at around 16 and is now actively pursuing a career in music.


"Whip My Hair"-Willow Smith (Video)

Courtesy of ALi's Blog, here's the official video of "Whip My Hair" by Miss Willow Smith! (Thanks to Mr. CG Wacko for posting this on FB)I love this girl! Even though her style choices are sometimes....ehhh...I admire her creativity. For a nine year old, she already has a developed style and attitude. I love her voice! I see her going far. ROC NATION! KILL IT MAMA! Check out the video below!!!


Tyra Banks Sued by Teen Sex Addict (Plus Missed News)

Morning everyone! Another start of a busy week. Hopefully the weekend gets here fast. It hit me this past weekend that I didn't report (not like you didn't already know lol) on two of the biggest events to take place this weekend. I was on Fall Break, and when I break, I break! So I didn't get to congratulate Miss Alicia and Swizzy on their baby boy Egypt (why that name, I don't know) who was born Thursday. Alicia tweeted, "There is no word to properly describe LOVE, to describe BLISS, to express a FEELING like this!!! Thank U 4 your love, support and prayers!" Congrats guys! Hope to see pics soon!

Another big piece of news is that T.I. is, as we figured, headed back to jail for 11 months after his arrest for suspicion of drug possession. SMH!!!! I'm so mad at him. You just got out, you're on probation, and now you're leaving your fans again, and your fam and label. At least, we will have a new album this time around. Maybe. No telling when it will be released. The date keeps changing =/ Tip, please get your life together. No more of this prison foolishness!

But back to the topic of this post haha...According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Tyra Banks is being sued for $3 million! Apparently, in 2009, Tyra had a guest sex addict, who was 15 years old at the time, appear on her show, without the mother's consent. The daughter had responded to an open call on the show, and managed to get on. Got an expense paid trip to NY and everything, and the episode was released before the mom even knew what was going on.


Hide Ya Kids!

Haha I never watch the BET Hip Hop Awards, but I heard that Antoine Dodson did a bit of the "Bed Intruder Song" at the show! BET really put him on there LMAO! Check the clip below!

I wish he would've done the whole thing! That song is mad catchy lol. I'm not ashamed to say that I have that single in my iPod. WE GON FIIIIIND YOU! WE GON FIND YOU! SO YOU CAN RUN AND TELL THAT! RUN AND TELL THAT! RUN AND TELL THAT HOMEBOY! HOME-HOME-HOMEBOY!!! LOL That song is a hit!!! Hear the full version below!



Looks from The Game

This upcoming season of The Game is definitely highly anticipated by fans! After getting canceled by The CW in 2009 after the third season, the show will return to BET in January!!! TOO EXCITED! Courtesy of The YBF, here are some pics of the cast at their filming.

Tia looks AMAZING!!! She's not wearing her wedding ring from Derwin though...Might be reading too much into it LOL but Melanie and Derwin are married now, so she should be rocking a huge diamond on the show. And notice that Hosea has this huge bruise on his face. Did Malik get hurt in a game, or get knocked out? Idk....All I know is that I'm hella excited for this upcoming season! I MISSED THIS SHOW SOOOO MUCH!!!! The cast looks good....I'm excited to see what's in store.



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