ABC Cancels Ugly Betty

I'm sad and speechless. My friend even did a gasp when I told him. ABC has decided to cancel Ugly Betty, Access Hollywood reported . One of my favorite shows ever, and it's been canceled. For those of you who don't know, Ugly Betty surrounds the life of Betty Suarez, an assistant turned editor at the fictitious Mode Magazine, her family, and the ups and downs that come with working at a high fashion magazine.

Based on a Colombian series, Ugly Betty won three Emmys, including a best actress in a comedy series award for star America Ferrera and two Golden Globes for best comedy series and best actress in a comedy, all in 2007. That year, Ferrara also won a Screen Actors Guild award — making her the first to win a SAG, Globe and Emmy in a single season. The series finale will air sometime this spring.

I'm very disappointed. This show is in its fourth season, and honestly, this season is the best season of the series and now it's over. Another show gone. And Betty was just starting to come into her own too! With her relationship, job, and even her clothes! LOL Well, all I can say, is that I'm glad that this show was around for as long as it was. America Ferrera is an amazing actress, as well as the rest of the cast. Although this is the end of Ugly Betty, this is not the end for all of them. I wish them well.


~Brittany Shawnté


Jersey Shore's J-Woww Plans to Start Clothing Line

Ok, so anyone that knows me, knows that I'm a huge fan of Jersey Shore. Like HUGE. I don't care what the naysayers have to say, that show is one of the most entertaining shows MTV has put on since The Real World. But that's just Brittany Shawnté's opinion. Well for all you Jersey Shore fans, Miss J-Woww is trying to be productive. According to OMG! Yahoo, Jenni Farley, known on the Shore as J-Woww, has apparently started a clothing line featuring clothes that she wore on the show, which mostly consisted of revealing tops made for the club. See more after the jump.



Man...it's been almost a week since I've posted on here. I've been slacking again...my bad yall. But I thought I would just showcase an artist that I have respect for on the page. Not really a news post, but it's my blog so hey, what can you do? So here's Wale!!!! Wale is from the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area which is my area (DMV STAND UP!!!!) and he is really making a name for himself in the industry. His first official CD Attention Deficit, features the singles "Chillin" (featuring Lady Gaga) and "Pretty Girls" (featuring Gucci Mane and Weensey of Backyard Band). I'm featuring him because I love that he's from the DMV and he reps hard for us! So if you don't know him, get to know him cuz I think he's gonna be around for a bit! He was featured on the Mo'Nique Show on BET last night, and seeing him doing his thing made me even more proud to be from the Metropolitan area! Keep doing your thing Wale!!!


wale tms int by yardie4lifever2


pretty girls tms live by yardie4lifever2


~Brittany Shawnté


R&B Singer Teddy Pendergrass Passes Away...

Ok so...so far 2010 is not the best. We are now hearing about the Haitian earthquake disaster in which more than 100,000 have been said to be killed, and others still buried in the rubble(blog to come later). And now we have lost another legend in the music industry. R&B singer Teddy Pendergrass passed away January 13, 2010.

Teddy's son, Teddy Pendergrass II, said he passed away at Bryn Mawr Hospital in Philadelphia. The singer had colon cancer surgery eight months ago and had "a difficult recovery," according to his son.

"To all his fans who loved his music, thank you," Teddy II said. "He will live on through his music."

I cannot say that I was a huge fan of his music or that I collected his albums or anything, but I do know that the songs I have heard are amazing! He is to be commended for his work and his life. His music and legacy will live on. I'm keeping his loved ones in my thoughts...RIP Teddy. And I leave you with one of my favorite songs by him...

"When Somebody Loves You Back"-Teddy Pendergrass


~Brittany Shawnté


Simon Cowell Set To Leave American Idol

Rumors have been circulating, but now it's been confirmed. This season of American Idol will be the last for sharp-tongued Simon Cowell. According to reports from the Associated Press by way of Yahoo, Simon is leaving to focus on his own show "The X Factor" coming to U.S. television. He wouldn't have been able to manage both shows. Shame. I'm telling you, Idol is going to lose ratings. I mean, the show would've probably been ok this season with losing Paula, but man...SIMON?!!! Seriously, I think that that man is the main reason people have stayed watching it this long. You just never know what he's going to say, and even if you disagree with him, you love laughing at his comments. Personally, I love him because he tells the truth! The truth that people's "friends" should have told them long before they tried out on Idol lol.

Well, I wish you well Simon. Hopefully, Idol doesn't fall because of your departure. But then again, maybe FOX should hang up the hat. Not necessarily because of Simon or Paula leaving, but just because there's been so many seasons of it already! And it's getting a tad bit blahhhh at least to me. After the auditions, I'm done watching for the seasons. Haven't watched a full season since Fantasia. And half the Idols aren't even doing anything now. Maybe it's time to let go FOX. It probably won't happen as long as money is still coming in, but it's just a suggestion.


~Brittany Shawnté

Glee Gets Picked Up For A Second Season!

Hey readers...hope everything is great with you this Monday. I'm back at school doing the college thing (ehhhh...) but I'm definitely going to be trying to post entries as much as I can. Forgive me if a new post is not up every day. Between the blog, classes, school work, meetings and rehearsal, and possibly a job, I'M SWAMPED! LOL but I will still post when I can.

Well, I'm excited about this post! I just read from OMG! Yahoo that Glee has definitely been picked up for another fabulous season on FOX! I figured it would because the show definitely already has a good loyal fanbase, and it's incredible! Definitely one of a kind! If you haven't watched the show, I definitely recommend that you catch up on the first half of the first season. You have time. The second half of this season doesn't premiere until April 13, which breaks my heart because that's a long time to be without it! LOL I'm hooked as are many many people around the world and I know you will be too!


Gilbert Arenas Suspended Indefinitely by NBA

Well, there you have it. I figured this would be coming. After bringing his unloaded guns to the Verizon Center in an effort to play a joke on one of his teammates, Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards has been suspended indefinitely by NBA commissioner David Stern.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Stern wasn't expected to make the decision of suspension until after the investigation of this incident by federal and local authorities was through. However, at a Philadelphia game this week, Gilbert made gestures with his index fingers, pointing them at his teammates as if they were guns. I guess Stern felt that Gilbert was making light of the situation and decided then that Gilbert would be suspended.


Michelle Williams Set to Star in Chicago!

Michelle Williams, former member of the superstar trio Destiny's Child, will hit Broadway next month! According to People, Michelle will be in the sexy and well-known musical Chicago, starring as Roxie Hart, a girl whose superstar dreams are put on hold a while after she murders her lover.

The show will have a limited run from February 8 to March 28. Michelle is going to be taking over for Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, who starred in the role starting December 1.

Wow, I haven't heard anything about Michelle (or Kelly even) in a while! Glad to see she has been being productive! I wish I could go see it! It should be a great show, especially since it's on Broadway. I wish Michelle and the rest of the cast the best of luck on the run!


~Brittany Shawnté


The Real World DC Premiere Review

Well, it's 2010! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays! 2009 is in the past, so let's all press forward and make the most of 2010! I'm off of my mini hiatus and back with another post...

Ok, so I decided to write a review of the Real World DC, since DC is like my second home. I was so excited when I heard that the next season of the Real World would be in DC, because there would finally be a season where I would know signs and buildings and everything. Don't judge me lol.

I fell asleep before the premiere came on TV. The next day, my coworker was talking about the episode. She told me that from what she saw, the season and the people looked like they were going to be so boring. Several people were saying it, but I wanted to see it for myself. So I watched the episode, and my goodness, they were right. That's why I didn't even bother putting up a spoiler alert on this post. The premiere was just that boring.


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