The Real World DC Premiere Review

Well, it's 2010! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays! 2009 is in the past, so let's all press forward and make the most of 2010! I'm off of my mini hiatus and back with another post...

Ok, so I decided to write a review of the Real World DC, since DC is like my second home. I was so excited when I heard that the next season of the Real World would be in DC, because there would finally be a season where I would know signs and buildings and everything. Don't judge me lol.

I fell asleep before the premiere came on TV. The next day, my coworker was talking about the episode. She told me that from what she saw, the season and the people looked like they were going to be so boring. Several people were saying it, but I wanted to see it for myself. So I watched the episode, and my goodness, they were right. That's why I didn't even bother putting up a spoiler alert on this post. The premiere was just that boring.

So the episode started with the usual Real World thing. The cast met up at their different places and started the journey to the house. They talked on the ride there about their background and all that as expected. They all got to the house, which was decked out in the typical DC stuff that tourists get. You know, pictures of presidents, DC signs, and everything. So it started like a typical Real World season premiere would. And of course, I'm hoping that it would get interesting as time went on.

Sadly, it did not. There was a little attraction between the rockers of the house, Erika and Josh. Nothing exciting. Then there was this pathological liar Andrew, whose main goal is to get laid. So he lied about stuff that he did back home so he could impress the girls of the house. The girls thought he was creepy anyway, and then they found out about his lies, which didn't make things any better for Andrew.

I guess the most dramatic part of the episode was the fight between Ty, a guy who was raised in the church but has sinced turned away from religion, and Ashley and Mike who were raised in the Christian religion. They argue over whether or not God exists. Ok, I'm a Christian, but I must say, I'm not fitting to get into an argument with anybody about the existence of God. People can believe what they want, and they are definitely free to. I believe in God, and nobody is changing that. I will definitely say something to get my point across, but there is no way I'm going to get into a full blown debate about it. And at the dinner table no less. It's pointless. But obviously not to those three...

And uhhhh....that was it. Boring. Which sucks because I was so excited for this season after I heard that it was filming during the summer. DC is one of the hottest cities in the U.S., and it FINALLY had an MTV season! After a good three seasons of Real World in New York, and seasons all around the world, MTV finally came out with a season for the nation's capital! And it's boring. Supposedly, they focus more on social and political issues, which is great, seeing as though this is DC and those issues are huge. However, if we're just honest, people watch the Real World for the drama. I'm interested to see what all the Real Worlders get involved in in DC, but I'm also interested in squabbles that don't involve politics or anything. That's just me. I deal strictly with entertainment, not politics. Sue me.

So maybe, HOPEFULLY, the season will get better as time progresses. I will be tuning in again on Wednesday at 10 pm to see what's up.


~Brittany Shawnté

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