Simon Cowell Set To Leave American Idol

Rumors have been circulating, but now it's been confirmed. This season of American Idol will be the last for sharp-tongued Simon Cowell. According to reports from the Associated Press by way of Yahoo, Simon is leaving to focus on his own show "The X Factor" coming to U.S. television. He wouldn't have been able to manage both shows. Shame. I'm telling you, Idol is going to lose ratings. I mean, the show would've probably been ok this season with losing Paula, but man...SIMON?!!! Seriously, I think that that man is the main reason people have stayed watching it this long. You just never know what he's going to say, and even if you disagree with him, you love laughing at his comments. Personally, I love him because he tells the truth! The truth that people's "friends" should have told them long before they tried out on Idol lol.

Well, I wish you well Simon. Hopefully, Idol doesn't fall because of your departure. But then again, maybe FOX should hang up the hat. Not necessarily because of Simon or Paula leaving, but just because there's been so many seasons of it already! And it's getting a tad bit blahhhh at least to me. After the auditions, I'm done watching for the seasons. Haven't watched a full season since Fantasia. And half the Idols aren't even doing anything now. Maybe it's time to let go FOX. It probably won't happen as long as money is still coming in, but it's just a suggestion.


~Brittany Shawnté

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