Ray J and Brandy to Have New Show on VH1

So I guess Ray J might have found his real love in his second season finale of For the Love of Ray J, because apparently he has moved on to a new reality show (still gotta pay them bills). According to BET.com Entertainment, this new show will feature Ray, his big sis Brandy, and his parents. The show will be titled Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business. Read the synopsis after the jump....

SYNOPSIS: Siblings Brandy and Ray J Norwood are famous for their incredible vocal talent on the stage and screen. But they wouldn’t be anywhere without the support and guidance of their parents – entertainment manager and mom, Sonja and talented musical father, Willie Norwood. Viewers will get a first hand glimpse into the lives of the Norwood family unit and their family business – Rn’B Productions [I like that play off names--Rn' (Ray J Norwood) and B (Brandy). Cute.] Run by Sonja, Rn’B Productions features an impressive roster of musical artists including Brandy, Ray J and their father Willie, who also serves as the company’s vocal coach. But with Sonja ready to take a step down, Brandy and Ray J will have to fill her shoes quickly all the while taking the family business to the next level. Will they have what it takes to continue to stay in the limelight while growing an entertainment empire?

The show will feature Brandy and Ray J each recording their new albums. Hmmm....sounds interesting. I'm a reality TV junkie so I'm definitely gonna tune in. For those of you who are down to watch too, the show will premiere on VH1 on Sunday April 11 at 9 p.m. EST.

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