Lance Gross and Eva Marcille Annouce Breakup

Awww...I'm sad! According to Entertainment Spotlight on BET, actor Lance Gross and America's Next Top Model Season 3 winner Eva Marcille have broken up. The pair released a joint statement to Essence.com yesterday, which read, “Lance Gross and Eva Marcille have mutually decided to end their relationship. The split is completely amicable and both parties remain friends.”

Lance took to Twitter to confirm: “Yes it’s true.” A day before Essence broke the news, he Tweeted: “The first day of the rest of my life…”

Rumors of a breakup came last month when Lance and Eva were seen fighting at a Superbowl party because apparently Lance was spending more time with the groupies than he was with Eva. Friends of Lance confirmed that, however, that cheating was not the reason for the breakup. Whatever the reason is, it's still sad that these two are over. They were supposed to get married this summer, too! And they were a gorgeous couple! Sigh...thank God for Will and Jada among other power couples. Cuz looking at celebrities, you wonder if anybody can stay together for long anymore...


~Brittany Shawnté

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