Que and Dawn To Get New MTV Show?

Well I guess Que has moved on to something new from Day26. Que and Dawn (formerly of Danity Kane, now of Dirty Money, some group with Diddy and some other chick) apparently are still together and have an MTV show in the works, according to BET. Que recently did an interview with Angie Ange from WKYS in D.C. (DMV baby!!!) and his manager released the news. (Go to BET Blogs to hear the audio of the interview!) According to Que, it's gonna be some real stuff and no bitchassness lol so we shall see. Of course, I'm gonna tune in. Reality TV junkie over here. Plus I have a strong feeling that some members of Day26 may make an appearance, or at least yell over the phone lol.

Yeah, Que seems to be coming into his own. He has this show coming out now, and he will release a mixtape next Tuesday. Still waiting to see if he will make or break without Day26. Pretty sure Day26 (who has left Bad Boy for Atlantic Records and are already recording the new album--GOOD MOVE FELLAS!!!) will make it without him lol.


~Brittany Shawnté

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