New Projects to Watch Out For...

Got some new projects for you guys to make sure you look out for in 2010!

After taking a mini hiatus after his outburst during the MTV Awards with Taylor Swift (which I don't condone, but he did speak truth LOL), Kanye will return to the rap game with a new CD this summer. The album, entitled "Good Ass Job" will be released in June, according to BET Blogs, and features production from NY producers PZA, Pete Rock, and Q-Tip. Q-Tip confirmed that he was working with Kanye on the project in a recent interview. Drake is also said to be featured on this CD :)

Good to see the man back. I mean, hey, I know sometimes Kanye is....well....Kanye, but he does have flow. So it'll be great to hear what he has in store. Just as long as it's not all singing this time LOL

Trey Songz is also working on some new projects himself. Trey's new mangager, Kevin Liles confirmed with MTV that Trey is in the studio prepping for his fourth CD which will be released September 14th! Trey also has a reality show coming with Young Jeezy,entitled "The Blueprint 3", that chronicles their journey with Jay-Z on the Blueprint 3 Tour. The show will premiere after this year's BET Awards on June 27. Trey also just wrapped up his own MTV Unplugged. Looks like Trey has been BUSY. Can't wait for all this to come out!


~Brittany Shawnté

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