Jennifer Hudson's Behind The Music Premiering in June

Hello all. Here's the new post for the day. More Jennifer Hudson news!

Jennifer will have her Behind The Music episode premiering on VH1 in June. Those scheduled to comment on her life and music include her fiance David Otunga (Punk from I Love New York), Ne-Yo, Randy Jackson from American Idol, among others.

According to VH1, this hour long special will chronicle Jennifer's childhood in Chicago with her family, her short-lived stint on Idol, and of course, her rise to fame with the role of Effie in Dreamgirls. What I did not expect to be talked about in this episode was the tragic murder of her mother, brother, and nephew. However, Jennifer will be speaking about this openly (to an extent, I'm sure, so don't expect a tell-all) and talking about her return to the public eye after such a painful event. She will also discuss life as a mother, with footage being shown of her interaction with her son, David Jr.

I am a big Jennifer Hudson fan, so I definitely will be tuning in. The episode will premiere June 28 at 9 p.m. ET on VH1. So be sure to watch!



  1. Thanks Britt for the information. O*M*G* , I cant wait. Its (1) day after the BET Awards so I will definitely remember!! Love Aunt Carissa

  2. Lol no prob...did this just for you! :-)



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