Romeo In Twilight?

Ahh...Romeo. Romeo, Romeo. Such a cutie, but going through some struggles though. I don't know if he's still a student at USC(University of Southern California) and all , but I know he got kicked off the basketball team after two seasons (and I had such high hopes for him too). He only played 19 minutes over the past two years, and wasn't really contributing so I guess the athletic department over there decided he wasn't worth keeping. Awww :(

BUT...seems Ro still has some things to look forward to. According to MTV News, rapper Romeo may win a role in the last Twilight film of the popular vampire/werewolf series. "We're talking to some of the executive producers right now," he said. "It's a small [role], but you might see me in there," Romeo revealed in a interview with MTV.

In addition to the possibility of this role, Romeo is now promoting a new album due in July and the horror movie The Pig People, set in Louisiana, his home state. It's a movie Romeo described as both "spooky and sexy" that revolves around creepy half-pig creatures that go on a murderous rampage in a small town {UMMMMM...OK). The film also stars Romeo's dad, Master P {OF COURSE}.

Don't know how successful these endeavors are going to be, especially that pig movie LOL, but alls I can say is good luck to the boy. Hope to see him in Twilight and maybe some more LEGIT movies (cuz I highly doubt that The Pig People is coming to theatres worldwide LOL).


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