Tupac Album To Be Released This Christmas

What a great Christmas it will be then! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read that title right! A new Tupac Shakur album will be released this Christmas, according to BET Entertainment (I LOVE THIS SITE!). The president of Canadian company Wideawake Entertainment John Payne told VIBE.com that the album will consist of previously recorded unreleased material. Apparently, these songs were recorded during the All Eyez On Me days.

Payne told VIBE.com, “This is unreleased Tupac…no remastering or remixing. The songs are from a collection of tracks that were recorded during his Death Row days around All Eyez On Me. I believe that these songs could have been Tupac’s next record if he were still alive."

Well, I'm definitely looking forward to it. I will be buying that on iTunes. Man it's crazy. If Tupac (and some of our other legends no doubt) were still around, they would definitely be letting my generation know how it really be! Swear some of this new stuff out now, I just can't get with it.


~Brittany Shawnté

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  1. They need to make 2pac movie!!!! they made 2pac look shit in N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S



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