Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer

Hey yall. Sorry for the late afternoon post, but I was working really, REALLY hard today at the J-O-B, proud to say :)

It's official. There will be a Paranormal Activity 2! Lol ok this movie...I remember going to see it with my friends, and honestly, I was cracking up at it the whole time and making my comments, as I tend to do with each and every movie I see. I wasn't even kinda freaked til at the very end, but it was still a very entertaining movie. For those of you who don't know the story, it was about this woman Katie who had this demon inside her, and her husband Micah. The demon has been haunting Katie since she was a kid, which she fails to tell Micah LOL I wouldn't have even married her if I knew all that. So basically they record what all goes on in their house at night with the demon, and it's some freaky stuff. And it's said to be true. At the end, Katie ends up killing Micah, throwing his body at the camera LOL and creeping up slowly to the camera, showing her demon possessed face. And now they are making a second one, and I'm definitely going to go see it!

Paranormal Activity 2 Teaser Trailer

Even though it might be kinda stupid and not even remotely scary, it will definitely entertain me cuz I was dying laughing at the first one. Plus I want to see what happens to the baby and the dog!!! LOL Lord forgive me, I'm evil. It's slated to be released in October. Who's going to see it?



My Favorite Moments from 2010 BET Awards

Ok, keeping my BET Awards theme today going...here are some of my favorite moments from last night's show! Watch the videos after the jump.

REVIEW: BET Awards 2010 Review


I had to do it. I had to write a review for the BET Awards 2010 for a number of reasons. One, it was the 10th year anniversary of the show. Two, the show was so much of a mess last year, I had give my opinion on whether this year's was better or not (cuz there's always the chance of it getting worse, sad to say). Three, the show had some great (and somewhat iffy) nominations that I had to give my two cents on. So this post goes into detail about performances, awards won, outfits, and everything. I literally had my laptop open the whole time typing on all of this (and tweeting lol Twitter was crazy last night yall). It's a real long post, but worth the read...

BET Awards 2010 Winners

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Monday yall! I'm actually energetic today. This morning's posts are dedicated to the BET Awards 2010! I liked it a lot. The show was the best I've seen it be in a long time, probably since Miss Mo'Nique. Others may disagree on that opinion, but I'm sure we all can agree that it was better than last year's mess! So congrats BET for getting on people's good sides again :)

I had to post the full list of winners from last night's awards, because they only announced what six? Leaving me disappointed because some of the main categories I wanted to hear, I had to look up online smh. But here goes the full list. (I talk about some of them more in my review)

Best Female R&B Artist-Alicia Keys (As long as it was her or Beyoncé, I was good)
Best Male R&B Artist-Trey Songz (Yuppppppp! I must admit he did his thing this year)
Best Gospel-Marvin Sapp
Best Female Hip Hop Artist-Nicki Minaj (Hmmm...)
Best Male Hip Hop Artist-Drake (I truly do love this man...listening to him as I type this post)
Best Group-Young Money (We knew that. Look who they were up against anyway...)
Best New Artist-Nicki Minaj (Best Female Hip Hop AND Best New Artist? I will discuss in my review...)
Best Collaboration-Jay-Z & Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind
Video of the Year-Beyoncé f/ Lady Gaga – Video Phone (Go Bey!!! I wish she would have been there)
Video Director of the Year-Hype Williams
Best Actress-Mo’Nique (I figured)
Best Actor-Idris Elba (Man is FINE!!!!)
YoungStars Award-Keke Palmer
Best Movie-Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire
Fandemonium Award-Chris Brown (YAYYYYYYY!!!! TEAM BREEZY!!!!!)
Subway Sportswoman of the Year-Serena Williams (Serena done won like 6 out of 10 years...)
Subway Sportsman of the Year-LeBron James (This is LeBron's fifth....time to switch it up perhaps BET?)
Viewers Choice-Rihanna f/ Young Jeezy – Hard (No RiRi? Figures...love her and all but I wasn't all that pressed to see her.)
Centric Award-Monica (LOVE HER!!!!)
Best International Act-Dizzee Rascal (UK) (Idk who you are but congrats!)



Ne-Yo Expecting First Child

A few days late with this post, but I figured I would be writing it soon enough after seeing all of these pics with Ne-Yo and his girlfriend Monyetta Shaw. During a photoshoot to promote his upcoming album Libra Scale, Ne-Yo told Ebony magazine that he is indeed expecting his first child.

“I am 30 and I do have my first child on the way, and I’m very, very, very excited about that,” he admitted. The baby is reportedly due in January of next year. “It’s a New Year’s baby and I’m just in a really good place right now," Ne-yo said.

Congrats Ne-Yo! I'm sure you will be a great father! Can't wait for September 21 (the release date for Libra Scale). I need new material from Ne-Yo badly...


"Bittersweet"-Fantasia (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I was gonna put this video up yesterday when it came out, but I wanted to dedicate all of yesterday to MJ on the blog, so I passed. But here is the video for Fantasia's latest single, "Bittersweet," which is the first single off her upcoming third album, Back To Me. The video features Washington Redskins receiver Devin Thomas as her leading man (football players getting a lot of roles in music vids lately). In the video, Fantasia recalls memories with her old lover Devin. I like the song a lot, and I think that this new album is going to be a great one. The CD's release is set for August 10.





Wow, it's hard to believe it's been a year already. A year ago today, we lost one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, artists of all time in Michael Jackson. Today, I just want to remember his music, and his legacy, not get bogged down in what's going on with his family, or any other issues. Matter of fact, I started my morning blasting his music as I rode into work. So here goes some of my favorite videos by him.

Watch the videos after the jump!


Pics from Monica's Upcoming Video "Love All Over Me"

Hey yall....got some pics for you today. Here are some photos from Monica's upcoming video for "Love All Over Me" off of her album Still Standing. I love that song!!!! I couldn't find the premiere date for the video, but as soon as I do, I will let you know. The video features LA Laker Shannon Brown as her leading man, and Maino's in it too, I see. And it looks like it's a wedding theme! Can't wait to see it! Love Monica!!!!!

See more pictures and listen to the song after the jump!


"Get It All"-Sean Garrett ft. Nicki Minaj (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Hey yall, been looking for the embed code for this vid that I actually could access at work (stupid govt. security) and I finally found it on YouTube. It's Sean Garrett featuring Nicki Minaj in "Get It All." The first time I ever heard Sean was on "Break Up" with Mario and Gucci Mane. He's pretty talented, and apparently is has been a part of producing and writing for several artists, including Usher, CB, Britney Spears and Teairra Mari. I didn't know all that...and he's only been working in the industry for seven years! That's huge.

Catchy song, cutesy video, taking it back to the high school days. Wasn't feeling that rap at the beginning all that much, but other than that, it's an all right song. And man...Nicki's everywhere. Like EVERYWHERE. I wonder how much she charges, cuz with all this hype around her, she could make hella money off just her collaborations alone.


In The Spotlight Celebrates One Year Anniversary!!!

Good morning people! Today is a very special day in my book. A year ago today, I came up with the idea of In The Spotlight, just to have a little side project for myself. Matter of fact, I'm sitting at the exact desk where it all began :) Like I have told different people, Spotlight was started out of complete boredom, and just gave me something to do during slow days at work. But it's turned into much more than just a little side project. I have done interviews with upcoming artists, developed connections with a few PR people, and reported on some of the hottest entertainment news out now! This blog has become a big part of my life. I'm even going to be using it on my resume, so I can hopefully stand out when I apply for internships and jobs. Spotlight means the world to me, and I actually stuck with it!

I thank all of you who read Spotlight on a pretty regular basis. I know I can fall off at times with the posts because of busyness or straight laziness, but it feels good knowing that people actually read and follow them. Like I said, this started as just a little side project, so to have even a smallest inkling of a loyal fan base meant a lot to me. I'm proud of how the blog has grown, and I thank all of you for getting it to where it is today. Spotlight may not be at the level of Perez or MediaTakeOut, but it's certain at a higher level than I originally thought it would be, and I know that it will continue to grow slowly but surely, especially with you guys behind me. So thanks again for all of the support and love! Love you guys! I'll be back with some news posts later...



Toy Story 3 #1 Movie with $109 Million

Good morning all...Happy Monday. And to all the fathers, I hope you had a great Father's Day! I'm back....

Well, I can tell you upfront that I am not a strong supporter of the new Toy Story movie. Honestly, Toy Story was probably one of my least favorite Disney movies growing up. I watched it and it was ok, but it wasn't anywhere near the level of say, The Lion King, or Pocahontas. So I definitely didn't feel like they needed to make a third movie, especially 11 years after the sequel. But it seems other people don't share the same sentiments LOL

According to Access Hollywood, Toy Story 3 became the #1 movie with $109 million grossed after its opening weekend, topping The Karate Kid, which has now made $106 million total. With these sales, Toy Story 3 became the best debut for a film from Disney’s Pixar Animation, topping The Incredibles at $70.5 million. The movie took in an additional $44.8 million overseas, giving it a worldwide total of $153.8 million. Well....congrats Disney-Pixar. Apparently, the plot was good enough to still keep people interested after 11 years. Maybe I will go see it...probably not though lol.

So in looking at the list of movies that Disney made on Wikipedia, I found out that they are also making sequels to Cars and Monsters Inc.!!! Again, years after the fact, but hey, I actually really liked those movies so that would be cool to see. Also Disney, for your consideration, if you're going to start doing all of these sequels, can you think about doing one for The Incredibles and Ratatouille? The kid in me would appreciate it.



America Ferrera Engaged!

Hey yall, HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! Sorry for the two days off. I was at a conference and had no internet access, but I'm back now :)

According to Access Hollywood, Ugly Betty actress America Ferrera is engaged to her longtime boyfriend filmmaker Ryan Piers Williams! The couple met before Ugly Betty began, and had been dating for several years before getting engaged!

Congrats guys! I know absolutely nothing about Ryan lol but I love America! I remember first seeing her in Gotta Kick It Up on Disney, and I have loved everything that I have seen her in since then. And she's GORGEOUS! I wish them both the best!



"Brush You Off"-Aundrea Fimbres

Morning readers! First I would like to say to all of you that if you haven't already picked up Drake's album Thank Me Later ( I MEAN, ACTUALLY BUY IT! THIS ONE IS WORTH THE MONEY...ONLY $9.99 ON iTUNES!), then yall need to get on it! Just thought I might throw that out there...now back to the post!

Aundrea Fimbres was probably my second favorite member of Danity Kane after D. Woods. I miss that group a lot. Seriously broke my heart when they broke up, but then again they were under Bad Boy soooo....that was kinda expected out the gate lol BUT STILL! Ugh...anyways, Aundrea has moved on. Here is her new song "Brush You Off." It was leaked a couple of weeks ago, but I just heard it this morning, so I had to spotlight it. Don't have any details for an upcoming album. This is probably just promotional single or what have you. It's an all right track. Not the greatest I've ever heard, but at least it's a start for her in making a name for herself outside of Danity Kane. Listen below...



In The Spotlight: SK

Hello again people...exhausted from the day's work (or really just lack of sleep), but I had to get this one post up.

I had another opportunity to talk to another upcoming artist named SK (SPOTLIGHT'S MOVING YALL!!!!). SK, whose nickname simply comes from his initials, is an upcoming rapper, songwriter, and producer and hails from Detroit. He got started in music by playing the keyboard in church. He and his brother eventually saved up for a keyboard and SK eventually started making his own beats and rhymes. He's been rapping for around 13, 14 years. When asked what he enjoyed the most about making music, SK said, "The feeling of expression and creativity." He also believed his music is teaching people about different aspects of life that they may not get the chance to see, especially the people in his area. "A lot of people in Detroit don't really go anywhere. They stay where they are," SK said. "The main focus in me making a song is to make something deep that everyone will feel." Which is sooooo refreshing to hear, because the rap game is full of party records, which is all well and good, but it's nice to hear records that actually have meaning, you know?

T.I.'s King Uncaged Album Cover

T.I.'s back! And above is his album cover for his upcoming album King Uncaged, released about an hour ago. The lion looks photoshopped in lol, but it's still a nice album cover. T.I.'s dressed sharp as usual, and his throne is firmly in place (Show some of these wack freshman and sophomores how it's done?! PLEASE!!!)

The album is set to drop September 28 and features the singles "Yeah You Know (Takers)" and "Got Your Back" featuring Keri Hilson. You can preorder the album at Tip's website TrapMuzik.com now, or even purchase a premium or deluxe version of the CD, which includes a bunch of exclusive stuff! I personally ain't doing all of that deluxe stuff, but umm...yall can go for it if you want to lol But I definitely will be BUYING Tip's first release since he got out. Excited to hear it!


Mary J. Blige Will Host First Fashion Show

Happy Monday guys. To my workers, the weekend will be back again soon. To the people at home probably sleeping while I write this, I HATE YOU just so you know :) On to the post...

According to SingersRoom, my new favorite site for everything entertainment, Mary J. Blige is taking up a new venture, joining up with designer Catherine Malandrino. The pair worked earlier this year on designing charitable t-shirts (pictured) and have decided to launch a fashion show to showcase different styles, including leather jackets and tops. The show will benefit FFAWN (Foundation for the Achievement of Women Now).

The show will take place tomorrow June 15 at New York's Museum of Modern Art. The event is nowhere near cheap, with a $1000 a ticket price tag. However, the cost will help cover college tuition for thirty graduates at the Women's Academy of Excellence in the Bronx, so it's going to a good cause.

This is definitely a good look Mary! Congrats on branching out! Hopefully, there will be some pictures out. If so, I will try to get them up here.



"Find Your Love"-Ahmir (Drake Cover)

Ok, so there's this unsigned group that's huge on YouTube named Ahmir! They do covers of popular songs, and have a few of their own that they post up on YouTube. My friend got me hooked on them earlier in the year. So I saw their cover of Drake's "Find Your Love" that they posted yesterday. I swear, I love them. Their voices...mmmmm...THEIR VOICES! I might have to start posting them from time to time for yall. Check out the cover below!

"Find Your Love"-Ahmir (Drake Cover)


Kanye West Set To Perform at BET Awards

After his incident at the MTV Video Music Awards last year (not even gonna go there, yall already know lol), Kanye West is set to make his first major performance since then at this year's BET Awards, according to SingersRoom. The network made the announcement Wednesday. "While West received much backlash and criticism following the VMAs, BET decided to give the multifaceted performer a spot in music history during its 10 year anniversary special," a BET representative said. "Viewers can anticipate a dynamic comeback performance."


In The Spotlight: Smash Adamz

Good afternoon readers! Hope everything is good with yall. For today, I got another upcoming artist to spotlight!

Ok, so a friend of mine has decided to get in the rap game, and I had to spotlight him. I heard that he was trying to rap, but honestly I didn't even give it a second thought UNTIL I HEARD SOME OF HIS STUFF! Boy got flow...I know him as Dionte Barnum, but throughout the country, he will become known by his stage name SMASH ADAMS. Read more on him and hear some of his tracks after the jump!


"Alejandro"-Lady Gaga (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

WATCH LADY GAGA'S OFFICIAL VIDEO FOR HER SONG "ALEJANDRO" BELOW! Gaga shows her creative side as always! I'm starting to fall in love with her style. At first, I thought it was all a little much, but there's no such thing as too much creativity and eccentrics, especially not with Gaga!

"Alejandro"-Lady Gaga


Demi Moore Will Release Memoir in 2012

According to OMG! Yahoo, actress Demi Moore is set to release a tell-all memoir detailing her life, career and her three marriages!

HarperCollins said it had bought world rights to the memoir. The book, still unnamed, is scheduled for release in 2012. HarperCollins has agreed to pay more than $2 million dollars for the book.

Demi was married to singer-songwriter Freddy Moore for five years and took his last name before marrying actor Bruce Willis in 1987. That marriage lasted 13 years and resulted in three daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. She married actor Ashton Kutcher in 2005.

Should be interesting for fans to read about Demi's life. I'm sure it will be filled with lots of juicy drama! Will you pick up a copy?


Musician Marvin Isley Passes Away

Good morning guys...sad news for the morning, I'm afraid. We are losing a lot of great celebrities...

Marvin Isley, famous for playing the bass with his brothers, R&B group the Isley Brothers, passed away this past Sunday at the age of 56 in Chicago, according to the Associated Press. Mr. Isley stopped performing in 1996 because of complications from diabetes. He had by then also suffered a stroke, had a kidney transplant, lost both his legs, and the use of his left hand.

Weiss Memorial Hospital spokeswoman Catherine Gianaro says Mr. Isley passed away Sunday morning. She could not confirm a cause of death.

The Isley Brothers have been around for over five decades, and are widely known for their hit songs such as "Shout," "Fight the Power" and the Grammy-winning 1969 smash hit, "It's Your Thing." The group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992.

RIP Mr. Isley. Keeping your loved ones in my thoughts and prayers.



New Artists...

Happy Monday people! Sorry I'm just now writing. I was out at a video shoot today at the J-O-B, so I haven't been anywhere near a computer...

This post isn't a news post. More just an opinion/discussion post. Just something I was thinking about. Prompted by none other than Miss Nicki Minaj.

Ok, so I never really rode with Nicki because I just saw her as a Lil Kim imitator and was turned off by all these people riding with her cuz I just didn't think much of her in all honesty. I didn't think that her rhymes really would compare to those before her. I'm listening to some of her new stuff now, because I realized today that I never gave her a full shot. And she's actually ok. Her rhymes are catchy. I wouldn't put her in my top 5 or anything, but she's pretty ok. So it just got me thinking, do we let our love of older artists like Biggie, Pac, Kim, Jay, Mary J., sort of block us from getting into other new artists like Nicki trying to make it? Have we become too critical of the newer artists out now? Now, there are some artists that I just will never rock with cuz they don't talk about nothing (no names lol) but there are some artists like Nicki and others that I think I may have just ignored because they ain't this person or that person. I mean, in all realness, there ain't gonna be another Biggie or Tupac Shakur. There ain't gonna be another Luther. Or Lauryn Hill. Or Aaliyah. Or Destiny's Child. Or Jodeci. Or WHOEVER. I'm not saying forget about the past, because without the past there would be no future. But we can't let future artists get blocked for doing their thing because of the past either. Just an opinion. What do you guys think?



Rue McClanahan Passes

Ok, I was working and haven't been paying attention to entertainment news, so I did not even notice this one until now. Rue McClanahan, famously known for her role on The Golden Girls as Blanche, passed away early this morning at the age of 76. Ms. McClanahan’s manager sited the cause of death as a “massive stroke."

It's so sad. A Golden Girl has passed away every year since 2008. Estelle Getty (who played Sophia) passed in 2008, and Bea Arthur (Dorothy) passed away just last year. Now, Rue McClanahan. Which leaves Betty White as the only surviving Golden Girl :(

I remember watching the show reruns with my grandmother every once in a while, because she loved it so much. After she passed, I watched it a bit more because for some odd reason, it made me feel a bit closer to her, like she was enjoying the show right along with me. It made me remember the memories we had, and I loved watching. It was like one of the shows that you could just turn on whenever. You didn't even need to know what all went on in previous episodes. You would still be entertained. I can't even pick a favorite character. They all had such chemistry together. I loved them. And Ms. McClanahan was awesome as Blanche!

Keep her family and close friends in your thoughts and prayers.



"Te Amo"-Rihanna (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

"Te Amo" is honestly the best song on Rihanna's Rated R, at least to me, so I'm glad she made a video for it. It features French supermodel, Laetitia Casta, and was shot at the Chateau de Vigny in France in April. For those of you who don't know the story behind the song, it's basically about Rihanna's close girlfriend having eyes for her, even though Rihanna is not really feeling her like that (which btw doesn't line up with the video cuz Rihanna and Laetitia are all over each other LOL)

The video premiered Friday but I just saw it today, and I love the song so I had to put it up. Forgive me for being late and if you've seen it already. Watch below if you haven't.

Te Amo-Rihanna



Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Separated

Hey everybody! Hope you a great Memorial Day weekend! I know I did. Took a nice break from everything, including Spotlight, and relaxed myself. Now it's back to work and back to posts! Just for you guys!!!

Ok, if you are not a fan of The Hills, or not even remotely interested then this post is not for you. For my huge fans out there, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are separated! According to OMG! Yahoo (via Us Magazine), while no official separation papers have been filed, Heidi has moved out of the pair's home. Now I don't promote separation or divorce, but sometimes it's necessary to move on to bigger and better things. And honestly, I'm glad that Heidi and Spencer are taking a break and I kinda want them to split up! Because of that whole mess with Lauren and Heidi's friendship slowly unraveling because of this man, I never liked him. Plus, yall seen the show recently?! The man is psycho! LOL


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