Rue McClanahan Passes

Ok, I was working and haven't been paying attention to entertainment news, so I did not even notice this one until now. Rue McClanahan, famously known for her role on The Golden Girls as Blanche, passed away early this morning at the age of 76. Ms. McClanahan’s manager sited the cause of death as a “massive stroke."

It's so sad. A Golden Girl has passed away every year since 2008. Estelle Getty (who played Sophia) passed in 2008, and Bea Arthur (Dorothy) passed away just last year. Now, Rue McClanahan. Which leaves Betty White as the only surviving Golden Girl :(

I remember watching the show reruns with my grandmother every once in a while, because she loved it so much. After she passed, I watched it a bit more because for some odd reason, it made me feel a bit closer to her, like she was enjoying the show right along with me. It made me remember the memories we had, and I loved watching. It was like one of the shows that you could just turn on whenever. You didn't even need to know what all went on in previous episodes. You would still be entertained. I can't even pick a favorite character. They all had such chemistry together. I loved them. And Ms. McClanahan was awesome as Blanche!

Keep her family and close friends in your thoughts and prayers.


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