"Brush You Off"-Aundrea Fimbres

Morning readers! First I would like to say to all of you that if you haven't already picked up Drake's album Thank Me Later ( I MEAN, ACTUALLY BUY IT! THIS ONE IS WORTH THE MONEY...ONLY $9.99 ON iTUNES!), then yall need to get on it! Just thought I might throw that out there...now back to the post!

Aundrea Fimbres was probably my second favorite member of Danity Kane after D. Woods. I miss that group a lot. Seriously broke my heart when they broke up, but then again they were under Bad Boy soooo....that was kinda expected out the gate lol BUT STILL! Ugh...anyways, Aundrea has moved on. Here is her new song "Brush You Off." It was leaked a couple of weeks ago, but I just heard it this morning, so I had to spotlight it. Don't have any details for an upcoming album. This is probably just promotional single or what have you. It's an all right track. Not the greatest I've ever heard, but at least it's a start for her in making a name for herself outside of Danity Kane. Listen below...


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  1. Aww... I miss "little muff" as Lori Ann called her. I wish Danity Kane could've stuck it out longer. I actually bought their cds.



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