"Get It All"-Sean Garrett ft. Nicki Minaj (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Hey yall, been looking for the embed code for this vid that I actually could access at work (stupid govt. security) and I finally found it on YouTube. It's Sean Garrett featuring Nicki Minaj in "Get It All." The first time I ever heard Sean was on "Break Up" with Mario and Gucci Mane. He's pretty talented, and apparently is has been a part of producing and writing for several artists, including Usher, CB, Britney Spears and Teairra Mari. I didn't know all that...and he's only been working in the industry for seven years! That's huge.

Catchy song, cutesy video, taking it back to the high school days. Wasn't feeling that rap at the beginning all that much, but other than that, it's an all right song. And man...Nicki's everywhere. Like EVERYWHERE. I wonder how much she charges, cuz with all this hype around her, she could make hella money off just her collaborations alone.


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