In The Spotlight Celebrates One Year Anniversary!!!

Good morning people! Today is a very special day in my book. A year ago today, I came up with the idea of In The Spotlight, just to have a little side project for myself. Matter of fact, I'm sitting at the exact desk where it all began :) Like I have told different people, Spotlight was started out of complete boredom, and just gave me something to do during slow days at work. But it's turned into much more than just a little side project. I have done interviews with upcoming artists, developed connections with a few PR people, and reported on some of the hottest entertainment news out now! This blog has become a big part of my life. I'm even going to be using it on my resume, so I can hopefully stand out when I apply for internships and jobs. Spotlight means the world to me, and I actually stuck with it!

I thank all of you who read Spotlight on a pretty regular basis. I know I can fall off at times with the posts because of busyness or straight laziness, but it feels good knowing that people actually read and follow them. Like I said, this started as just a little side project, so to have even a smallest inkling of a loyal fan base meant a lot to me. I'm proud of how the blog has grown, and I thank all of you for getting it to where it is today. Spotlight may not be at the level of Perez or MediaTakeOut, but it's certain at a higher level than I originally thought it would be, and I know that it will continue to grow slowly but surely, especially with you guys behind me. So thanks again for all of the support and love! Love you guys! I'll be back with some news posts later...


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