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Hello again people...exhausted from the day's work (or really just lack of sleep), but I had to get this one post up.

I had another opportunity to talk to another upcoming artist named SK (SPOTLIGHT'S MOVING YALL!!!!). SK, whose nickname simply comes from his initials, is an upcoming rapper, songwriter, and producer and hails from Detroit. He got started in music by playing the keyboard in church. He and his brother eventually saved up for a keyboard and SK eventually started making his own beats and rhymes. He's been rapping for around 13, 14 years. When asked what he enjoyed the most about making music, SK said, "The feeling of expression and creativity." He also believed his music is teaching people about different aspects of life that they may not get the chance to see, especially the people in his area. "A lot of people in Detroit don't really go anywhere. They stay where they are," SK said. "The main focus in me making a song is to make something deep that everyone will feel." Which is sooooo refreshing to hear, because the rap game is full of party records, which is all well and good, but it's nice to hear records that actually have meaning, you know?

SK's biggest influences on his music include his family and Mr. Stevie Wonder (who don't love Stevie?!) His recent project was his cd The Breach, released this past December. He released the CD on Digstation, which allows independent artists to list and sell their music on the site and gain 100% of the profits. SK admits that being an independent artist has its benefits. "A lot of labels want to suppress creativity. I'd rather be not so rich and be able to have things I want [regarding music choices] than to be tied down." Which again is very true.

SK is now working toward creating his own studio that can create radio quality tracks. He is also performing a couple of times a month at clubs around Detroit, and is planning on branching out to clubs in other areas as well. When asked where he wanted to be in 5-10 years, he said that he would like to be a part of a label, or perhaps even start his own. If he is able to start his own label, he would like to have 5-10 artists making hip hop and R&B tracks.

I can see him doing it for real. I've bought The Breach, and it's really good! You can buy The Breach on SK's Digstation page. Promise you won't be disappointed. I have included some of my favorite tracks below. So listen, enjoy, and SUPPORT. SK, I enjoyed my conversation with you, and wish you well in the future!

Lost Tribe-SK | Musicians Available

Love Connection-SK | Upload Music

Party Wit Me-SK | Music Codes


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