In The Spotlight: Smash Adamz

Good afternoon readers! Hope everything is good with yall. For today, I got another upcoming artist to spotlight!

Ok, so a friend of mine has decided to get in the rap game, and I had to spotlight him. I heard that he was trying to rap, but honestly I didn't even give it a second thought UNTIL I HEARD SOME OF HIS STUFF! Boy got flow...I know him as Dionte Barnum, but throughout the country, he will become known by his stage name SMASH ADAMS. Read more on him and hear some of his tracks after the jump!

Smash is originally from D.C. (DMV where yall at?!), but now stays and works on rapping down in Georgia. He got his name from the popular Nickelodeon Doug. Doug's agent alter ego Smash Adams? I had to take it back to remember that one LOL but it clicks. Smash started rapping for fun, just a little thing to do on the side with friends, until he met a friend of his girlfriend's who encouraged him to try to make something of his rhymes. Smash didn't know about that at first, but eventually gave in. "I didn't want to be another statistic. You know, another black man trying to be a rapper, {LOL TRUE!!!} but I gave it a shot." And he fell in love with it.

His biggest inspirations in the rap game are Biggie (because "he spoke the truth," Smash said) and Lil Wayne (because "he raps about things people don't think about"). He himself loves that he gets to be creative with his rhymes and likes coming up with ideas that nobody has ever done before. And listening to some of his tracks, he definitely doesn't lack skill and I see him going places.

In fact, his latest single "Shut Em Down," created under the underground label YSZ Entertainment (Young Saint Zone, named for the leader of the label Young Saint) and featuring another upcoming rapper Esquire is already being played in NY clubs. "Esquire's cousin is a DJ in New York and he got him to play it. He told us people went crazy!" Smash said. See? Going places...

Right now, Smash is working on developing connects in the game to help further his career. I am also the first to report that Smash is dropping two mixtapes in the near future {EXCLUSIVE!!!! LOL}. He is working on a solo mixtape entitled Lethal Weapon, and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, a dual mixtape with Esquire. Remember the name people: SMASH ADAMS. Sure to be rocking to him soon! And I can say "I knew him when!" Keep doing your thing! Check out his tracks "Awesome" and "Shut Em Down" below!

Awesome-Smash Adams / Young Saint

Shut Em Down-Smash Adams / Esquire / DB


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