Kanye West Set To Perform at BET Awards

After his incident at the MTV Video Music Awards last year (not even gonna go there, yall already know lol), Kanye West is set to make his first major performance since then at this year's BET Awards, according to SingersRoom. The network made the announcement Wednesday. "While West received much backlash and criticism following the VMAs, BET decided to give the multifaceted performer a spot in music history during its 10 year anniversary special," a BET representative said. "Viewers can anticipate a dynamic comeback performance."

Other performers include Ludacris, Rick Ross, Drake, Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj, T.I., and Diddy/Dirty Money. BET tell me that there are going to be other performers! While I love hip hop, there can't just be only ONE R&B singer performing at the BET Awards! I ain't even gonna count Dirty Money--I'm still a little bitter towards Dawn and I don't even know that other girl's name still lol. Hopefully there are other performances. BET, you should add in Monica, since yall wanna deny her a nomination in the Best Female R&B Category (WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT?!) Or Chris Brown? But I guess yall ain't over that whole mess just yet SMH.

Glad to know that Kanye is performing though. He is real talented. Can't deny that. Mad cocky, but real talented. Hopefully there won't be any outbursts on June 27. Cuz part of me can see him walking up on that stage if Justin Bieber wins ("Hey yo Justin, Ima let you finish but...").


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