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Happy Monday people! Sorry I'm just now writing. I was out at a video shoot today at the J-O-B, so I haven't been anywhere near a computer...

This post isn't a news post. More just an opinion/discussion post. Just something I was thinking about. Prompted by none other than Miss Nicki Minaj.

Ok, so I never really rode with Nicki because I just saw her as a Lil Kim imitator and was turned off by all these people riding with her cuz I just didn't think much of her in all honesty. I didn't think that her rhymes really would compare to those before her. I'm listening to some of her new stuff now, because I realized today that I never gave her a full shot. And she's actually ok. Her rhymes are catchy. I wouldn't put her in my top 5 or anything, but she's pretty ok. So it just got me thinking, do we let our love of older artists like Biggie, Pac, Kim, Jay, Mary J., sort of block us from getting into other new artists like Nicki trying to make it? Have we become too critical of the newer artists out now? Now, there are some artists that I just will never rock with cuz they don't talk about nothing (no names lol) but there are some artists like Nicki and others that I think I may have just ignored because they ain't this person or that person. I mean, in all realness, there ain't gonna be another Biggie or Tupac Shakur. There ain't gonna be another Luther. Or Lauryn Hill. Or Aaliyah. Or Destiny's Child. Or Jodeci. Or WHOEVER. I'm not saying forget about the past, because without the past there would be no future. But we can't let future artists get blocked for doing their thing because of the past either. Just an opinion. What do you guys think?


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